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June 2021 Security Update

June Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
6/2/21 1821 2200 Wisteria St. Overdose
6/9/21 0820 2300 Cherokee Ave. Public Assist
6/16/21 1856 800 Park Blvd. Possible Animal Theft
6/18/21 2022 2100 Tulip St. Traffic Congestion
6/19/21 1849 2200 Wisteria St. Hit & Run
6/28/21 1306 2200 Wisteria St. Damage to Property
6/28/21 1342 1800 Tulip St. Theft
6/28/21 1555 700 Park Blvd. Vehicle Burglary
6/28/21 1612 2500 Terrace St. Burglary of a Shed
6/29/21 0735 1000 Park Blvd. Vehicle Burglary
6/29/21 2310 2300 Tulip St. Shots Fired Complaint
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Claire PittmanJune 2021 Security Update

May 2021 Security Updates

May Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
5/1/21 1838 600 Camellia Ave. Public Assist
5/4/21 0827 1000 Drehr Ave. Vehicle Theft
5/4/21 0906 900 Drehr Ave. Public Assist
5/5/21 1414 2300 Broussard St. Burglary
5/6/21 1711 1900 Tulip St. Burglary
5/8/21 0216 800 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
5/10/21 0825 900 Camellia Ave. Burglary
5/11/21 0337 2800 Terrace Ave. Public Assist
5/12/21 2122 2100 Wisteria St. Suspicious Incident
5/14/21 2049 1900 Tulip St. Disturbance
5/15/21 1126 2300 Olive St. Suspicious Incident
5/16/21 1417 2100 Wisteria St. Burglary
5/18/21 1701 1800 Oleander St. Vehicle Theft
5/23/21 0311 2600 Oleander St. Disturbance
5/23/21 2200 2200 Tulip St. Public Assist
5/25/21 0813 2600 Klienert St. Burglary
5/27/21 0648 2200 Cherokee St. Public Assist
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Claire PittmanMay 2021 Security Updates

April 2021 Security Update

April Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
4/9/21 1624 1100 Park Blvd. Theft
4/10/21 0823 1800 Olive St. Suspicious Incident
4/11/21 0645 2200 Wisteria Ave. Suspicious Incident
4/16/21 2350 1100 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
4/22/21 2003 2200 Wisteria St. Hit & Run
4/24/21 1913 800 Camellia Ave. Welfare Check
4/24/21 1255 2600 Oleander St. Public Assistance
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Claire PittmanApril 2021 Security Update

March 2021 Security Report

March Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
3/1/21 1233 1900 Cherokee Ave. Fraud
3/1/21 1554 1300 Drehr Ave. Suspicious Person
3/3/21 1154 1000 Drehr Ave. Burglary / Stolen Vehicle
3/3/21 1400 800 Camellia Ave. Suspicious Person
3/3/21 1511 800 Park Blvd. Public Assistance
3/3/21 1935 2300 Oleander St. Suspicious Person
3/5/21 0119 2100 Oleander St. Suspicious Incident
3/8/21 0141 2100 Olive St. Loud Music
3/12/21 0903 1100 Park Blvd. Disturbance
3/13/21 1306 500 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
3/14/21 0100 1300 Camellia Ave. Disturbance
3/14/21 2315 1800 Myrtle Ave. Arrest of Domestic Abuse Battery Fugitive
3/17/21 1553 2200 Kleinert Ave. Burglary
3/24/21 0202 2000 Kleinert Ave. Public Assistance
3/26/21 0711 2100 Oleander St. Burglary
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Claire PittmanMarch 2021 Security Report

Trees in the News!

Our very own WBRZ heard us shouting from the roof tops about our gorgeous trees, and they sent Brittany Weiss to investigate.


Here’s How You Can Help Our Dying Trees!

Donate! To keep costs low, we must raise the funds to do an entire median at a time. It’s a $1,000 to prune, mulch and care for one (1) tree. You can donate any amount or adopt a whole tree at

Reach Out to Neighbors! Talk to your neighbors, peer pressure your loved ones, and help us keep the Garden District the beautiful place it is. If you live along a boulevard, please consider reaching out to your neighbors and adopting your median. We are also looking for big sponsors. The Garden District Civic Association created a non-profit to care for these majestic beasts so your donation is tax deductible!

Please contact the Board if you have any questions about the Collective or if you have any trouble donating at [email protected].

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Claire PittmanTrees in the News!

June 2021 Drainage Update

This month, East Baton Rouge Parish’s Transportation and Drainage Director Fred Raiford updated GDCA on EBR’s work on drainage and how our neighborhood fits in to its larger plans.

A bit of orientation on drainage in the Garden District: Most of the Garden District, particularly Roseland Terrace and Drehr Place, drains towards Government Street which connects to Dawson Creek (the drainage canal that parallels Acadian Thruway) near Hearthstone Street by Catholic High School property. Other parts of the Garden District, predominantly Kleinert Terrace, also drain to Dawson Creek via Olive Street. Areas west of Park Boulevard generally drain west to Corporate Canal with the exception of areas closest to the park, which drain to the lakes.

Part of the identified problem for the Garden District and areas both upstream and immediately downstream is that the existing culverts on Dawson Creek at Broussard and Hundred Oaks Streets constrict flow. In heavy rain events water backs up and prevents the Garden District (the Government Street and the Olive Street outfalls) from draining. The city has identified funding opportunities to mitigate this issue in our area.  Forte & Tablada, Inc. was selected by the parish to do the design work and prepare the plans for the improvements in our area.

However, these projects may increase the volume of water that is able to travel downstream at one time, meaning there can be negative downstream impacts. The city does not just want to relocate a flooding problem so the timeline is uncertain. The proposed project from Dawson Creek from the Hundred Oaks Street area to Kenilworth Boulevard, which will also provide relief to our neighborhood, is still seeking funding and in turn, has an uncertain timeline.

It is clear that drainage problems associated with the Broussard St. and Hundred Oaks Ave culverts on Dawson Creek play a significant role in our neighborhood’s drainage problems. Additionally, there are questions about system capacity within the Garden District as well – our local system is quite old and it is likely sections of it do not have the capacity for the kinds of high intensity storms that are an increasing part of our lives every spring and summer.

We are encouraged by EBR’s plans for the bridges. Additionally, the EBR Stormwater Master Plan will provide some clarity to the full picture of our neighborhood’s drainage situation. Defining our problems is the first step. We encourage all in the neighborhood to stay involved and continue to advocate for solutions.

If you are interested in these issues or would like to speak to EBR leadership about them, please join the EBR Stormwater Master Plan Virtual Public Meeting this Thursday, June 24, at 6:00 PM. Register at You can also learn more about the Stormwater Master Plan by visiting the Virtual Open House.

Summary of Issues

Dawson Creek

What we know: Damming at Broussard St. and Hundred Oaks cause backups in our neighborhood. This is a problem on the entire reach of Dawson Creek.

What EBR plans to do: Replace the bridges (funding identified), but on an uncertain timeline.

Capacity on Government St. and Connections

What we know: There are potential capacity issues.

What EBR plans to do: The EBR Stormwater Master Plan’s findings will bring clarity to the issues and future project development is dependent on the completion of that effort.

Local Conveyance/Pipe Capacity

What we know:  There are potential capacity issues in our existing stormwater drainage system. Some of the rain events we have had in the recent past have certainly exceeded local system capacity.

What EBR plans to do:  The EBR Stormwater Masterplan’s findings will bring clarity to the issues and future project development is dependent on the completion of that effort. In the meantime the parish cleaned out the drain boxes and piping on Cherokee Street in March and has identified other locations in the Garden District that will be cleared when funding becomes available.

Learn more about the Dawson Creek Bridge Projects.

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Claire PittmanJune 2021 Drainage Update

5 Ways to Protect your Home and Combat Crime

It’s a fact: Crimes of all sorts rise in frequency in the summer months. Criminologists have outlined a variety of reasons for this, but the reality is that crime in the Garden District will increase in the summer, as it will everywhere else.

The best security is multi-layered. Knowing your neighbors and keeping an eye out for unusual activity is the first step. There are plenty of other ways we can reduce crime in the Garden District and beyond. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Get to know your property. Walk the perimeter of your house and check for obvious security problems. This could include a garage door that doesn’t close, a broken window, or even a hiding spot where a criminal could lay in wait.
  2. Reduce the opportunity. The easiest and most impactful way to reduce crime is to simply lock your doors and keep valuables out of sight. Most crimes are simply opportunity. That’s why criminals target vehicles and homes with valuable items left visibly on display, pulling handles looking for unlocked doors.
  3. Improve your lighting. Light is one of the single best deterrents to crime. The cost of running an LED light bulb is significantly less than the old incandescent bulbs, and there’s a myriad of switches that allow you to control security lighting intelligently.
  4. Check your locks. Most hardware store-grade can be bumped or picked within seconds. A qualified locksmith can make recommendations about higher quality locks that can better secure your home.
  5. Secure your valuables. Criminals know to look in dresser drawers, in the freezer, in the backs of closets, and in the other hiding spots that most people employ. A high quality home safe—bolted to the floor and the wall—will deter all but the most determined criminals.
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Claire Pittman5 Ways to Protect your Home and Combat Crime

Under the Oaks Series: Beats, Bubbles and Bites

We are raising awareness and money for the live oaks located in the Garden District.

Join us for Beats, Bubbles and Bites on the corner of Drehr Ave. and Cherokee St. $30 per ticket for Garden District Civic Association members. $40 for non-members. Ticket include picnic bites from City Pork,  complimentary bubbles donated by Red Cake Events, cash bar provided by Blend, and live music by the young Garden District phenom, Katie Love, and The Bayouside Swingers sponsored by Bayou Tree Service.

Bring your blankets and yard chairs! Money will go to the Live Oak Collective for preserving, trimming and fertilizing the live oaks in the medians of the Garden District.


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Claire PittmanUnder the Oaks Series: Beats, Bubbles and Bites