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Halloween 2021


Our wonderful kids have had a hard year+, and they have earned a night of revelry. Please consider handing out candy this year, and for families, trick-or-treat in your neighborhood! We want our kids to walk down our tree-lined streets, and their faces are aglow with the warm golden light of all the front porch lights on!!

Trick-or-treat hours for the City of Baton Rouge and East Baton Rouge Parish are set for 6:00-8:00 p.m. Sunday, October 31, 2021.

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Claire PittmanHalloween 2021

Flooding during heavy rain?

As you know flooding and drainage in our area needs improvement. The Stormwater Master Plan* (SMP) project team has collected the data and is creating models to help illustrate drainage in our area. The next step is input from the community. Our feedback will help the City and Stormwater Master Plan project team better recommend projects and revisions to codes & ordinances.

The Garden District is located within the Ward Creek watershed, and our public meeting is Thursday, October 21st, from 6:00 – 7:00 PM! The virtual meeting will stream live to the SMP website at  During this meeting, the project team will share what they’ve learned from data collection and modeling in our watershed and address any questions we may have about the Stormwater Master Plan and how it affects the folks in our area.

Register to attend @

Registration and attendance to the meeting are all accessed through the same link. You will not have to register again. However, before the meeting, you will have to enter your zip code, last name and email address then you will verify that the system is pulling up the correct account. Once verified, you will have access the button to join the meeting. Download the quick guide to accessing the meeting, asking questions and troubleshooting if you have any issues. The meeting is not through a typical online software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. It uses a system that allows the project team to  compile and track all of your questions, comments and feedback, which is critical in data collection and modeling process.

* The East Baton Rouge Stormwater Master Plan (SMP) is the guiding document for the implementation of overall flood risk reduction projects and policies for the City-Parish.

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Claire PittmanFlooding during heavy rain?

Neighborhood Garage Sale October 23!!

Garden District to Participate in Mid City Rummage Sale

Everyone loves a garage sale! Mid City Redevelopment Alliance and Mid City neighborhoods are partnering to host the first annual Mid City Rummage Sale! Any home located in Mid City can participate and anyone is welcome to wander and buy unique and eclectic finds.

Saturday, October 23, 2021, 7:00 AM – 12:00 PM
$10 registration fee

Registration includes a yard sign and your location on the Rummage Sale map!

Sign up at

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Claire PittmanNeighborhood Garage Sale October 23!!

October is Alley Month!

Summer is coming to end, and autumn is upon us! Several of the alleys in the Garden District have become wildly overgrown with invasive bamboo, while others have trash and debris. All this vegetation and detritus narrows the alley making it difficult for trucks to maneuver.

Please plan on cleaning your alley one Saturday in October. Many blocks have Block Captains who will be contacting residents. Please help your block this October and keep your alley in good shape all year. If you would like to know who your block captain is, please email [email protected].

Garden District Alley Guidelines

Alleys provide several benefits for residents who live along the alleys:

  • Vehicle parking at the rear of the home
  • Alley garbage collection
  • Alley delivery of home appliances and construction material
  • Alley access for first responders (EMS & fire trucks).

All alley residents share the responsibility of maintaining their alley.


A city ordinance prohibits any alley obstructions. You and service vehicles may unload in your alley, but please tell service men they need to move their vehicle if requested by a resident.


Alley residents are responsible for mowing alley grass and trimming alley vegetation. Some alleys in the Garden District are well manicured while others have overgrown vegetation. A well-kept alley is a safer alley because it offers no protection for a prowler.


Garbage trucks (Tuesdays and Fridays) empty garbage cans in your alley or at your front curb. ANY TRASH NOT IN A GARBAGE CAN MUST BE PLACED AT YOUR FRONT CURB FOR TUESDAY PICKUP BY THE TRASH TRUCK. Trash includes: tires, building material, tree limbs and vegetation, but not contractor debris. Residents/contractors are responsible for contractor debris. Place trash at your front curb away from vehicles, trees and power lines so the boom truck can pick it up. No garbage or trash is picked up on 22nd street.

Consider the following:

  1. Post your house number in your alley in case you ever need a first responder to come to your back door.
  2. Add a motion detector or light on your alley.

Send your questions or comments to




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Claire PittmanOctober is Alley Month!

June 2021 Security Update

June Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
6/2/21 1821 2200 Wisteria St. Overdose
6/9/21 0820 2300 Cherokee Ave. Public Assist
6/16/21 1856 800 Park Blvd. Possible Animal Theft
6/18/21 2022 2100 Tulip St. Traffic Congestion
6/19/21 1849 2200 Wisteria St. Hit & Run
6/28/21 1306 2200 Wisteria St. Damage to Property
6/28/21 1342 1800 Tulip St. Theft
6/28/21 1555 700 Park Blvd. Vehicle Burglary
6/28/21 1612 2500 Terrace St. Burglary of a Shed
6/29/21 0735 1000 Park Blvd. Vehicle Burglary
6/29/21 2310 2300 Tulip St. Shots Fired Complaint
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Claire PittmanJune 2021 Security Update

May 2021 Security Updates

May Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
5/1/21 1838 600 Camellia Ave. Public Assist
5/4/21 0827 1000 Drehr Ave. Vehicle Theft
5/4/21 0906 900 Drehr Ave. Public Assist
5/5/21 1414 2300 Broussard St. Burglary
5/6/21 1711 1900 Tulip St. Burglary
5/8/21 0216 800 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
5/10/21 0825 900 Camellia Ave. Burglary
5/11/21 0337 2800 Terrace Ave. Public Assist
5/12/21 2122 2100 Wisteria St. Suspicious Incident
5/14/21 2049 1900 Tulip St. Disturbance
5/15/21 1126 2300 Olive St. Suspicious Incident
5/16/21 1417 2100 Wisteria St. Burglary
5/18/21 1701 1800 Oleander St. Vehicle Theft
5/23/21 0311 2600 Oleander St. Disturbance
5/23/21 2200 2200 Tulip St. Public Assist
5/25/21 0813 2600 Klienert St. Burglary
5/27/21 0648 2200 Cherokee St. Public Assist
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Claire PittmanMay 2021 Security Updates

April 2021 Security Update

April Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
4/9/21 1624 1100 Park Blvd. Theft
4/10/21 0823 1800 Olive St. Suspicious Incident
4/11/21 0645 2200 Wisteria Ave. Suspicious Incident
4/16/21 2350 1100 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
4/22/21 2003 2200 Wisteria St. Hit & Run
4/24/21 1913 800 Camellia Ave. Welfare Check
4/24/21 1255 2600 Oleander St. Public Assistance
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Claire PittmanApril 2021 Security Update

March 2021 Security Report

March Calls for Service
Date Time Address Type of Call
3/1/21 1233 1900 Cherokee Ave. Fraud
3/1/21 1554 1300 Drehr Ave. Suspicious Person
3/3/21 1154 1000 Drehr Ave. Burglary / Stolen Vehicle
3/3/21 1400 800 Camellia Ave. Suspicious Person
3/3/21 1511 800 Park Blvd. Public Assistance
3/3/21 1935 2300 Oleander St. Suspicious Person
3/5/21 0119 2100 Oleander St. Suspicious Incident
3/8/21 0141 2100 Olive St. Loud Music
3/12/21 0903 1100 Park Blvd. Disturbance
3/13/21 1306 500 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident
3/14/21 0100 1300 Camellia Ave. Disturbance
3/14/21 2315 1800 Myrtle Ave. Arrest of Domestic Abuse Battery Fugitive
3/17/21 1553 2200 Kleinert Ave. Burglary
3/24/21 0202 2000 Kleinert Ave. Public Assistance
3/26/21 0711 2100 Oleander St. Burglary
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Claire PittmanMarch 2021 Security Report