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  • November Security Update

    Below are the monthly reports filed between the Baton Rouge Police Reporting system and Nextdoor. There is not as much property crime as would be expected this time of the year being that it is the holiday season. Please remember to report all suspicious incidents and crimes.


    • 11/1/18 at 1646 hours Officers responded to Wisteria Street relative to the report of a suspicious person. The resident advised a white male was going door-to-door begging for money. Officers did not notice this male when patrolling the area in search for him.
    • 11/5/18 at 1025 hours, Officers responded to a suspicious person at Camellia Street. The resident reported a black male wearing a blue hoodie and a backpack was walking down the street looking in garbage cans. Officers patrolled the area but were unable to locate anyone matching the description.
    • 11/7/18 a resident reported to Nextdoor that a bed footboard was stolen from outside their home near Cherokee and Camelia Street.
    • 11/10/18 at 2128 hours, Officers responded to Tulip Street. The complainant advised they observe three black males walking in the area “possibly casing the neighborhood.” Officers patrolled the area but did not locate the males.
    • 11/11/18 at 1019 hours, Officers responded to Park Bl. where a resident reported their scooter stolen. The scooter was located shortly later at the BREC park across the street. The person finding the scooter advised several black male juveniles were seen in the apartment complex at 1290 Park Bl. just prior to the scooter being located. Whoever stole the scooter, had cut the wires, possibly trying to hotwire it. The scooter was returned to the complainant.
    • 11/12/18 at 1920 hours, Officers responded to a vehicle burglary at Oleander Street. The complainant advised he saw a black male breaking into his neighbor’s vehicle. The complainant gave a description of the male, and Officers located him nearby. The male was positively identified by the complainant, arrested, and booked into the East Baton Rouge Parish Juvenile Detention Center for violating LRS 14:62 Simple Burglary.
    • 11/13/18 a resident reported to Nextdoor that a red bicycle with a basket on the front was stolen from their porch. They were advised to file a Police report, but never did.
    • 11/16/18 at 2050 hours, Officers responded to Park Bl. relative to the complaint of shots fired in the area. However, the noise was determined to be fireworks.
    • 11/17/18 at 2149 hours, Officers responded to Park Bl. relative to a stolen vehicle complaint. Officers arrived on scene and determined the vehicle was not stolen but towed because it was improperly parked.
    • 11/19/18 a resident reported a car cover was stolen from his carport via Nextdoor. They were advised to file a report, but never did.
    • 11/20/18 at 1648 hours, Officers responded to Cherokee Street relative to a suspicious incident. The complainant reported five black male juveniles walked up to their vehicle and pulled the door handle. The juveniles fled when the complainant walked out of their home. Officers patrolled the area but were unable to locate the juveniles. The complainant called the next day at 1421 hours to report two of the juveniles had returned to their home to apologize for trying to open their car door. The juveniles were no longer on scene to be identified when Officers arrived the second time.
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    John WilliamsNovember Security Update
  • Is Ball Moss a Problem in Your Trees?

    Have you ever noticed those little tumbleweed looking balls attached to the branches our local trees.  You might have seen them in our lovely live oaks or sweet olive trees but they seem to be most prevalent in the crepe myrtles. Those little puff balls are known as ball moss. Ball moss or Tillandsia recurvata is related to Spanish moss. They both live on host plants, but do not rob them of nutrients. There are some trees in Baton Rouge and in the Garden District where the ball moss has filled the tree and blocked the sunlight from the leaves, weakening the tree. Ball moss flowers in the spring. The seeds will scatter with the wind so the moss will take up residency in nearby trees. You might want to remove the balls from your trees before they become a problem. Our crepe myrtle trees are susceptible. For more information, please read the excellent article from the Advocate, which was reprinted in the Baton Rouge Green Newsletter.

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    John WilliamsIs Ball Moss a Problem in Your Trees?
  • October Security Report

    Crime still appears to be low in the Garden District following the arrests this summer. There were only a few anonymous suspicious incidents for September and October, but none had any substance to them. However, it is still great that residents are calling in these incidents so at least it puts an Officer visible in the area for the time it takes them to respond to the call. There were a few thefts of unsecured tools and lawn care items for October but these appear to be more of crimes of opportunities and not a serial issue. See below for a synopsis of recent reports in the Garden District Area for September & October:


    • 9/16/18 a resident at Park Bl. reported their vehicle had been burglarized within the  past week. A firearm was taken. There was no forced entry to the vehicle to gain entry by the suspect because the resident left his vehicle unlocked with the firearm inside all week long. 
    • 10/4/18 a resident at Tulip Street reported a vehicle burglary at 1213 hours. The vehicle was left unlocked overnight and the victim’s wallet was stolen.
    • 10/9/18 the resident reported a window had been pried open between 10/8/18 and 10/9/18. Multiple power tools had been stolen from inside the home that was under construction.
    • 10/17/18 at approximately 1729 hours the resident at Wisteria Street reported their leaf blower had been stolen from their flatbed trailer within the past hour.
    • 10/20/18 at 0123 hours Police responded and shut down a loud party at Park Bl.
    • Between 10/20/18 at 2000 hours and 10/21/18 at 1400 hours the resident’s truck was stolen from Oleander Street. It was recovered at Government Street on 10/24/18. The truck had been abandoned at that location for a few days.
    • 10/22/18 at 0929 hours the resident at Cherokee Ave reported their vehicle had been burglarized between 10/20/18 and 10/22/18. The vehicle was left unlocked and not checked in two days.
    • 10/29/18 a resident’s leaf blower was stolen from the bed of their truck at Wisteria Street at approximately 11:48 hours
    • 11/1/18 there was a suspicious male with a tan shirt knocking on doors begging for money at 1714 hours.
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    John WilliamsOctober Security Report
  • 45095170_1889027431210465_6880171161582305280_o.jpg

    GDCA hosts the 2018 Champagne Stroll

    The bottles were popping and champagne fizzing as participants of this year’s Garden District Champagne Stroll sashayed through our unique and beautiful neighborhood Sunday evening, October 28. Sixty-two of our neighbors and friends made their way from house to house in the gorgeous autumn weather to enjoy delectable eats, cold bubbly champagne and great camaraderie among old and new friends at four of our neighbor’s homes.

    The champagne stroll would not be possible without the gracious hospitality of our Garden District homeowners who offer up their homes as landing spots for the group to gather, imbibe in a bit of the bubbly, ingest some noshes, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. The homes and gardens on this year’s stroll were quintessential Garden District and so lovely decorated in fall decor. They provided the perfect backdrop for socializing and enjoying the delightful fall weather. At the last host home of the stroll, we were treated to a savory gumbo and live entertainment by the Gypsy Jazz Duo of Sue Aysen and Brent Melancon. What a perfect ending to a superb evening!

    Our hospitable homeowners for this year’s stroll included; Britt and Claire Drummond, Christopher Suba, Eulis and Tammy Simien, and Rachel and Matt Stewart. We cannot thank these fine folks enough for accommodating our roving party and opening their homes to the festivities.

    We also want to send thanks to Calandros Supermarket for donating the scrumptious sandwiches and cheese trays.

    And finally, a humongous thank you to Greta Corona, GDCA board member, for organizing such a splendid activity for the neighborhood.

    The Garden District Champagne Stroll is an annual fall event and is a wonderful way to meet new neighbors and enjoy the company of those you already know. Don’t miss out next year. Get your tickets early and come join us for a stroll among the beautiful live oaks and homes of our beloved neighborhood.

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    John WilliamsGDCA hosts the 2018 Champagne Stroll
  • vote-background-vector-election-day-vector-illustration_z1vsP0_u_L.jpg

    Exercise Your Right to Vote – It’s Important

    Autumn has finally made its’ way down to South Louisiana and brought some relief from the relentless summer heat (if only for a minute). It’s a time for football games, the World Series, weekends at the hunting camp, parish fairs, political campaigns and fall elections.

    This year’s Open Primary/Congressional Election is Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Early voting begins Tuesday, October 23, and ends Tuesday, October 30.

    The deadline for requesting a mail ballot from the Registrar (other than military and overseas) is Friday, November 2. The deadline for the Registrar to receive your voted mail ballot (other than military and overseas) is Monday, November 5.

    The Garden District is included in Ward 1 Precinct 007 of East Baton Rouge Parish. Our voting location is Dufrocq Elementary School, 330 South 19th St.

    We have a fairly lengthy ballot for the November 6 election that includes; Secretary of State, U.S Representative for the 6th Congressional District, City Judge City Court ES 2A, City Constable City Court and District 5 School Board member. There are also 6 Constitutional Amendments and a vote on authorizing fantasy sports contests (Act 322 of the 2018 Louisiana Legislature).

    A sample ballot for our precinct can be viewed at the following La. Secretary of State Office website:

    Constitutional Amendments can be confusing and hard to understand making it difficult to confidently cast a vote either for or against a particular amendment. To help you better decipher the intent of the proposed amendments, the Public Affairs Research Council Of Louisiana (PAR) publishes a Guide to the Constitutional Amendments. The guide provides an independent, non-partisan review of the six proposed amendments and the fantasy sports ballot item. It is an educational tool and does not suggest how you should vote on the amendments. The amendments are broken down individually in language that is easier to understand than the legal terminology used in the proposed amendments. You can access the PAR guide at the following website:

    If you don’t plan on voting early (October 23 through October 30), please take the time to walk or ride down to Dufrocq Elementary on November 6 and cast your vote. Take the kiddos along for an educational experience. Free elections are a privilege that we should not take for granted. It’s not cliche- your vote really does matter.

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    John WilliamsExercise Your Right to Vote – It’s Important
  • 005_RLcTholp.jpg

    Garden District residents Hollie and Jason Falgoust open The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics

    The Garden District Civic Association is proud to spotlight The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics, a new, locally-owned business.

    Garden District residents Hollie and Jason Falgoust opened The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics in September of this year. The day spa located at 1857 Government Street sits behind Circa 1857. The spa offers esthetic services (facials and waxing), hair services and massage therapy. They also sell professional skin and hair products, along with other spa items and gifts. They accept appointments and walk-ins.

    Hollie, who is a Registered Nurse and Licensed Esthetician, says that it has been a long term goal to open her own business. Having the combined educational background and work experience, along with a passion for helping others led to opening the doors of The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics.

    In addition to Hollie, The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics employs a hair stylist and a massage therapist. They strive to serve everyone in need of some pampering and relaxation.

    Weekly and monthly specials and promotions are offered and Hollie encourages people to check their Instagram and Facebook for current specials.

    The Haven at 1857 website is:

    Instagram and Facebook: The Haven at 1857

    Phone number: 225-953-5762

    Hollie states,”We would love for everyone to stop by and say hello. We are proud and excited to have a day spa so close to home, to accommodate Garden District, Midcity and all of BRís residents…and beyond. We offer a variety of services, including facials, waxing, hair services and massage therapy. We accept appointments, and walk-ins for those shopping at our neighboring stores. We have customizable gift certificates for those looking for gifts for family and friends. We also offer complimentary wine and beer for those receiving a service. Even if you want or need a little pampering and relaxation while shopping or on your lunch break, we can make that happen!”

    The Garden District Civic Association is committed to making our members aware of the homegrown businesses in our neighborhood and encourages everyone to give Hollie and Jason a visit.


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    John WilliamsGarden District residents Hollie and Jason Falgoust open The Haven at 1857 Beauty and Aesthetics
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