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Need a Free Tree??


The Garden District Civic Association received a grant from the MidCity Redevelopment Authority for a neighborhood project. Since we’ve lost some trees in recent years to wind, ice, and Father Time, we decided it was time for a tree planting throughout the neighborhood. We partnered with Baton Rouge Green and got some free consultation from resident landscape architects to choose a variety of native species. There are small, medium, and large tree options.

So, if you want a free tree, fill out this form

If you don’t want a tree but are interested in volunteering for the tree planting, you should fill out the form as well.

The form closes on October 6th.

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jcwproductionsNeed a Free Tree??

Spotlight: Our Garden District Neighbors

The Advocate recently published an article on our famous gardener and environmentalist, Ginger Ford. She is doing her part to create habitat for pollinators and has planted 29 gardens, most of which dot the corners on Camellia Avenue. Read more about her here

If you would like to spotlight someone in the neighborhood, please let us know. We’d love to share your story with our neighbors.


We’ve had a few new additions to the neighborhood. A few GDCA board members have recently had new babies. Meet EvaKate Fields and Sadie Gremillion! 

EvaKate is 10 months old and is in the 99th percentile for height, 93rd percentile for weight, and 98th percentile for head circumference! That’s one big baby! She loves singing “Old McDonald” and playing peek-aboo, and can say mama, dada, and baba (bottle). Her parents Isabella and Clayton are “having so much fun watching her grow.” Clayton has served on the GDCA board since April of 2022.  

Sadie, 6 months old, is 16 pounds and is 26 inches tall. She recently learned to sit up on her own, and is actively trying to eat everything. She loves going to the aquarium and has already made a best friend at daycare. Her parents are Steven and Ashley Gremillion, who long for a full night’s sleep. Ashley has served on the GDCA board since April of 2022 and is currently serving in the role of vice president. 

If you would like to spotlight your child or someone in your family, please let us know. We’d love to share your story with our neighbors.

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Jacob LuneauSpotlight: Our Garden District Neighbors

Summer/August Crime Update

Here’s the most recent update from our police officer that monitors the neighborhood, Corporal Seth Gauthier:

In July, there were 8 major incidents. There were 3 vehicle thefts on 7/11, 7/20 and 7/23 where vehicles were taken from residences in the Garden District. Two separate events occurred during the evening of 7/27 and the morning of 7/28–there were 5 vehicle burglaries within close proximity in the neighborhood, and these are being associated with a single/group of suspects. Force was used in these vehicle burglaries to gain entry into the vehicles and valuables were taken in several of these incidents. 

Cpl. S.D. Gauthier, Baton Rouge Police Department

As always, in case of an emergency, contact 911 for immediate assistance. If it is a non-emergency, but Police are needed, you can contact the BRPD Police Dispatch Center at 225-389-2000. If you would like to pass information to Cpl. Gauthier or the other Patrol Officers, you can contact Justin Kozak at [email protected] or Ted Magee at [email protected], and they will forward that information to Cpl. Gauthier and the other officers.

Remember to cover the basics – lock your car doors, don’t leave things in plain view, and don’t leave anything of value inside your vehicle, such as purses or firearms. If you have a security camera installed, it’s amazing how much the footage collected can help officers at times. Also, report street light outages and other safety issues through the Red Stick Ready website or app. Stay safe!  

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Jacob LuneauSummer/August Crime Update
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