Garden District Security

Security Contact Numbers

  1. IN CASE OF EMERGENCY, or if you see a crime in progress, call BR Police Dispatch at 225-389-2000, or call 911. If a Garden District security patrol officer happens to already be in the area, Dispatch will call them.
  2. SECURITY PATROL: For ongoing security concerns regarding criminal activity in the neighborhood, you can call the police dispatch phone number at 225-389-2000. PLEASE always start your message with your name, address, and phone number.
  3. TO DISCUSS ONGOING SECURITY CONCERNS regarding criminal activity, please fill out a contact form here and report your concern. Our board member in charge of security will reach out to you regarding your question.
  4. HOUSE VACANCIES: If you would like to inform the GD Security Patrol that you’ll be out of town, you can submit a house vacancy notice.

Home Security Downloads:

These home security flyers and documents will help you prepare a secure home and help you know what to do in the event of a problem. Please download and print for your records.

August 2021 Security Update

Download August Security Report

June 2021 Security Update

June Calls for Service Date Time Address Type of Call 6/2/21 1821 2200 Wisteria St. Overdose 6/9/21 0820 2300 Cherokee Ave. Public Assist 6/16/21 1856 800 Park Blvd. Possible Animal Theft 6/18/21 2022 2100 Tulip St. Traffic Congestion 6/19/21 1849 2200 Wisteria St. Hit & Run 6/28/21 1306 2200 Wisteria St. Damage to Property 6/28/21

May 2021 Security Updates

May Calls for Service Date Time Address Type of Call 5/1/21 1838 600 Camellia Ave. Public Assist 5/4/21 0827 1000 Drehr Ave. Vehicle Theft 5/4/21 0906 900 Drehr Ave. Public Assist 5/5/21 1414 2300 Broussard St. Burglary 5/6/21 1711 1900 Tulip St. Burglary 5/8/21 0216 800 Park Blvd. Suspicious Incident 5/10/21 0825 900 Camellia Ave.