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2015 Champagne Stroll!

( October 25th, 2015 )



The Garden District Civic Association Champagne Stroll will be held on Sunday, October 25, 2015 from 3:30 PM until 7:30 PM. Rain date will be Nov. 1 with the Stroll starting and ending at the same times. The Stroll will default to the rain date, if the chance of rain is greater than 40% at 8 AM October 25. Check the forecast here.

Tickets will go on sale Oct. 1, 2015 on Event Brite. Projected ticket prices are $25 ea for Garden District Association members and $30 for non members. Prices will be set by Oct. 1.

There will be five homes on the Stroll. Tickets will be taken at the first home and a champagne flute provided. A pour of champagne at each home with snacks at homes two and three and a light supper with live music at the fifth home. Home addresses and a map will available to be downloaded from the GDCABR website.

Homes on the Stroll:

- 2172 Cherokee
- 2221 Olive
- 2651 Kleinert Ave
- 2445 Terrace Ave.
- 2047 Terrace Ave.

At this writing the supper menu may include: shrimp etouffee, bread, jambalaya, salads, and cake. We have four singer-songwriters preforming during supper and a great menu. Beryl is making shrimp etouffee and the snacks. Liz is making the salads. Please, mark your calendars and plan to attend.


Ray Mack, Champagne Stroll Chairperson
2121 Terrace Ave
(225) 382-0609


Ursin deRoche relaxing after a guitar lesson in the neighborhood.

September 15, 2015

Ursin de Roche teaches rock legend's daughter to “Strum This Way”

By: Mindy Piontek

When Ursin de Roche first picked up a guitar at age eleven, he had no idea that one day he would teach guitar to the movie star daughter of a rock legend. As a sixth grader at Redemptorist Middle School in North Baton Rouge, Ursin started group guitar lessons instead of Spanish or any of the other electives, with his mother’s blessing. Group lessons led to private lessons through his teens, and before long, he was majoring in music at South Eastern University and then at the University of La Verne in California.

Although he returned to Baton Rouge without a degree, his lack of matriculation didn’t interfere with his employment. “If you take, say, the flute,” says Ursin, “your instructor will probably have a music degree. Guitar isn’t like that.”

Soon after moving back, Ursin answered an ad posted on Craigslist. “A guy running a local music studio on the east side of town was looking to expand his business on this side of town,” says Ursin. “At the time, he didn’t have any solid teachers on this side of town.”

Once hired, Ursin began teachin ...


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