— The Garden District Civic Association, GDCA, is offering its members, on a first come first serve basis, an incentive of up to $250 or 50% of the total cost, whichever is less, to repair their sidewalks. Funds are limited – act now. Rules: no large tree roots can be cut. If large roots are the problem, there are repair alternatives, ask you contractor. If large roots are not an issue, sidewalks are to be repaired to the City of Baton Rouge standards. Ask your contractor. To qualify and be reimbursed you must:

1.  Be a member of the GDCA as of September 1, 2015
2. Present the GDCA Board with a quote from a contractor to reserve your reimbursement funds.• The GDCA will notify you of your qualification
3. The GDCA will notify you of your qualification
4. You will engage a contractor, have your side walk repaired, pay for the repair and present a copy of the paid receipt to the GDCA for reimbursement.
5. Side walk repair must be completed and a copy of the contractors invoice marked paid be received by the GDCA by December 31, 2015. A sidewalk is defined as a walkway on City of Baton Rouge property abutting the member’s property. There will be no reimbursement for work done on a member’s property including paths from the street to the sidewalk. Sidewalks in the Garden District are on City of Baton Rouge property. Repair of sidewalks is the responsibility of the owner of the abutting property.

Contractor quote attached: Forms, quotes and invoices should be sent to GDCA, C/O Ray Mack, 2121 Terrace Ave., Baton Rouge, LA 70806.You will be notified, if you qualify for reimbursement. The Garden District Civic Association reserves the right to inspect any repair for conformance prior to reimbursement. Reimbursement decisions are the sole judgment of GDCA Board or its designated committee. Nonconforming repairs will not be reimbursed.