Alley Guidelines

By city ordinance, the residents on an alley are responsible for keeping alley vegetation trimmed. Overgrown alleys restrict the garbage trucks from entering the alley.  Some alleys in the Garden District are well manicured while others are severely overgrown. Some have vegetable gardens. A well-kept alley is a safer alley because it offers no protection for a prowler.

Consider adding a motion detector or light on your alley.

Garbage trucks (Tuesdays and Fridays) empty garbage cans in your alley.or at your front curb. Any trash not in a garbage can must be placed at your front curb for Tuesday pickup by the trash truck.. Trash includes: tires, building material, tree limbs and vegetation, but not contractor debris.  Place trash at your front curb away from trees and power lines so the boom truck can pick it up.

Parking or obstructing the alley is prohibited.  You and your servicemen may unload in your alley.  Tell all service men they need to move their vehicle if requested by a resident.

Post your house number in your alley in case you ever need an emergency vehicle to come to your back door.

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