— Garden District Alley Guidelines

Alleys provide several benefits for residents who live along the alleys:

  • Vehicle parking at the rear of the home
  • Alley garbage collection
  • Alley delivery of home appliances and construction material
  • Alley access for first responders (EMS & fire trucks)

All alley residents share the responsibility of maintaining their alley.

A city ordinance prohibits any alley obstructions. You and service vehicles may unload in your alley, but please tell servicemen they need to move their vehicle if requested by a resident.

— Alley residents are responsible for mowing alley grass and trimming alley vegetation.

Some alleys in the Garden District are well manicured while others have overgrown vegetation. A well-kept alley is a safer alley because it offers no protection for a prowler.

Consider the following:

  • Post your house number in your alley in case you ever need a first responder to come to your back door.
  • Add a motion detector or light on your alley.

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— Waste Disposal – Out of Cart Service

Effective September 1st, the new “out-of-cart” collection requirements will go into effect. Richard’s Disposal will be the service provider that will be responsible for collecting all those items that do not fit in your garbage cart. This will include: Bulky Trash; namely items too bulky or heavy to fit in the garbage cart such as furniture, large household items, remodeling debris (done by homeowner, not a contractor), mattresses, water heaters, carpet, fencing, lumber, yard and woody waste such as brush piles, tree limbs, shrub prunings, and bagged leaves and grass. In addition to the specific types of waste, there are new size/weight/count policies; including:

1. Maximum of 10 out-of-cart items per collection day, either individual items or bundles (for lawn debris).

2. Brush and lawn debris must be bundled or bagged.

3. Maximum weight of 40 pounds per item (this is an OSHA standard).

4. Brush and bundles must be no more than 5 feet in length (in order to fit in the rear loading garbage truck).

5. Tree limbs must be no more than 6 inches in diameter and 5 feet in length.

Woody waste:  Richards will not use a knuckleboom type truck to collect piles of woody waste debris during the scheduled weekly collection day (as is the current service with Republic). 

Therefore, homeowners will have to either make arrangements to get the debris removed from their property through a private service or arrangements with Richards to remove the debris for a fee (which has not yet been shared).  If you have a tree trimming company remove limbs, it is their responsibility to dispose of that material (make sure that is in the contract).

There will be changes made to the collection day. Those schedule changes will be published by the City Parish or service providers.

The Mayor has made arrangements with Republic to continue for an additional month and a half (through mid-October) during the transition period to help get caught up with out of cart waste disposal.