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Crawlspace Control by Jack Iverstine

I’ve had moisture issues in my crawlspace in my primary residence and an investment property. This has created buckling and cupping of wood floors, mold, mildew and rot issues and not too mention vermin and pest issues. I spent several days and hours researching solutions and meeting with several different contractors with different methods of eliminating the issue. Based on my research encapsulating the crawlspace is a far better solution to these issues than any other other solution but the only vendor offering this solution was out of state and expensive. Luckily, my neighbor just used Jack Iverstine with Crawlspace Control, 225-436-1001, to resolve similar issues. Jack gave me an encapsulation quote that was much more feasible and he did great work. The relative humidity in crawlspace is remotely monitored so I can tell the moisture is extremely lower in my crawlspace now and see it change at anytime. I was disappointed with 4 contractors I met before I met Jack and wish I had met him before I has some inferior crawlspace repair work done on an investment property. Please contact me if you want more details or to check out my crawlspace or give Jack a call. He is an honest, hard working contractor which isn’t easy to find!

Crawlspace Control by Jack Iverstine
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