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February 2021 Security Update

Date: Time: Address: Synopsis:
2/3/21 1351 2100 Wisteria St. An anonymous caller reported that a black male driving a white Toyota with a busted back passenger’s window almost hit a white male on a skateboard. The caller advised the white male yelled at the black male, and then the black turned around and came back to try and hit the white male again. Police responded to the area and were unable to locate the caller or either male involved.
2/3/21 1553 600 block of  Camellia Ave. The white male from the previous incident called to report the incident and provided the license plate number to the white Toyota Corolla. Officers arrived and took the report and then learned the vehicle had been stolen from the Belle of Baton Rouge just a few hours prior.
2/3/21 1633 600 block of  Camellia Ave. The resident advised they were inside of their home and their vehicle was parallel parked on the street. The resident stated that a white Toyota Corolla side-swiped her vehicle, damaged her flower bed, and almost hit her neighbor who was on a skateboard in the area before fleeing the scene. Note, the suspect vehicle is the same stolen vehicle from the previous two incidents. Officers patrolled the area and were unable to locate the suspect vehicle. These cases are being investigated by Auto Theft Detectives.
2/6/21 0013 1900 block of Oleander St. An anonymous complainant reported hearing loud yelling outside. Officers patrolled the area and were unable to locate any loud noises or anyone needing Police assistance.
2/6/21 1731 800 block of Park Blvd. The caller requested a welfare check on an elderly neighbor. The caller advised no one has seen the neighbor in several days and the mail was piling up outside. Officers contacted the elderly male and advised he was okay.
2/10/21 2203 1100 block of Park Bl. The complainant advised they were walking in the area of the park when a black male approached them armed with a handgun. The male took several things from the victim at gunpoint and fled the scene. This case is under investigation by armed robber detectives.
2/11/21 0834 900 block of Camellia Ave. The complainant called the telephone reporting unit to report receiving a 1099G form from LA Workforce for unemployment benefits. The complainant advised they never received unemployment, and their identity must’ve been stolen.
2/13/21 1953 1900 block of  Oleander St. An anonymous complainant reported hearing 3-5 shots fired in the area. Officers patrolled the area and did not hear any gunshots or locate anyone needing Police assistance.
2/15/21 0801 2100 block of  Oleander St. The complainant reported their garage was burglarized just after midnight. The complainant had video footage of a male entering their garage and stealing a speaker from inside the garage. This case is under investigation
2/15/21 1341 700 block of  Camellia Ave. The resident called 2nd District to report that they observed a slim black male subject, approximately 5’0 tall, pulling on door handles on their security camera at 1240 hours today. The resident further advised that several vehicles in the area had possibly been burglarized so the resident submitted their video surveillance for evidence.
2/21/21 1504 1007 Park Blvd. The resident advised they were inside when they heard a loud noise coming from outside. The resident looked outside and noticed a gray Dodge Ram had just sideswiped their vehicle, which was parked along the side of the road. The resident followed the vehicle until they stopped, but the driver took off again after stopping.
2/21/21 2013 2200 block of Tulip St. This residence is a 4-plex. The owner reported that the tenant was damaging the property and causing a disturbance. Prior to Police responding, another resident reported that the tenant was irate outside and was spray painting their car. Police arrived and detained the tenant. The tenant was issued a summons for Damage to Property. The tenant was then transported to the Bridge Center for a psychological evaluation.
2/22/21 1601 1000 block of Park Blvd. The resident called the telephone reporting unit to report that they Googled a plumber to repair plumbing issues in their home. The Google search yielded “Mr. Rooter” as a business that would respond on weekends, so the resident called that company and paid $400 for services. The resident advised two black males arrived in an older Mr. Rooter van. The males removed the resident’s toilet but did not repair anything prior to leaving. The resident called again the next day to inquire about finishing repairs, but was told by the receptionist that Mr. Rooter is not open on the weekends, their employees do not work on Sundays, and that they do not have any employees that match the description the resident provided.
2/26/21 1333 2200 block of Tulip St. The complainant requested Police because the tenant of this residence was outside “beating up his car.” The complainant advised the tenant was possibly having an episode and was off his medication. Officers reported the male was no longer on scene when they arrived.
Claire PittmanFebruary 2021 Security Update
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