Garden District’s Live Oak Love Collective

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December 4, 2020
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January 18, 2021

Garden District’s Live Oak Love Collective

January 15, 2021

With the uptick of storms and changing weather patterns, it’s time to give our beloved oak trees some much needed TLC. In response to this, we are launching the Garden District’s Live Oak Love Collective!!

The Garden District Civic Association has been working for a several years to develop and execute a campaign to care for our live oak trees in the median on the boulevards of Park Blvd, Cherokee St, Kleinert Ave and Terrace St, and the campaign kicks off THIS Monday, January 18, 2021, with the pruning and care of eight (8) live oak trees on Kleinert Ave between Perkins Rd and Camelia Ave AND eight (8) trees on Cherokee St between Camellia Ave and South 22nd St. That’s right, SIXTEEN lucky oaks are having a Spa Day courtesy of you, the Garden District Civic Association and Bayou Trees. In the coming weeks, you will see signs emerging around these winners and will be able to see the smiles on the branches as they are pruned and mulched! Learn more at

We, of course, would love to give all of our trees a trip to the salon… what was that? How can you help? MONEY! You can donate any amount or adopt a whole tree.  The Garden District Civic Association created a non-profit to care for these majestic beasts so your donation is tax deductible! Also, we will be hosting an event under the trees this Spring where you and yours can stroll on over, picnic, gossip, raise a glass, and open your pocketbook to help preserve our shady canopy of tree love. Are you with me??? Are you with the trees?? Do you like shade?? Then let’s give them all the hugs they deserve and get on board the Love Collective!!!