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The Puryear Family Adopts 4 Month Old Luca Arden Puryear

On Monday, August 1st, the Puryear family at 1015 Park Blvd received a call from the St. Elizabeth non-profit adoption agency that a birth mother had picked them to adopt her beautiful 4 month old baby boy. The Puryear’s, which includes Dustin, Ellie, and 9-year old son Cooper, had been working toward an adoption for several months. Monday was the lucky day. The phone call came in at 1pm — while Dustin was in New Orleans on business having lunch — and after a mad rush home to Baton Rouge, Dustin, his wife, and his son had bought diapers, clothes, and a few days worth of food. By 6pm the paperwork had been signed and the Puryear family grew by one new boy who they named Luca Arden Puryear. The family is extremely excited and already adapting to again having a baby in the house. They welcome visitors but please email Ellie ahead of time to ensure the baby is awake to get maximum “oohs” and “aaahs” during the visit. Her email is [email protected].

jcwproductionsThe Puryear Family Adopts 4 Month Old Luca Arden Puryear
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