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  • New Dog Stations - We love your dog just as much as you do. Thanks to your dues and the hard work of the Cub Scouts of Pack 12, there are now six dog stations located around the Garden District to make your daily walks all the better! These Dogi Pot stations offer a green solution to dog pollution,
  • Neighborhood Signs and Bollards – Do We Landscape? By Mike Schexnayder - The Garden District has three neighborhood signs: Terrace at Eugene, Park at Magnolia and Government at Park.  Rusty Wharton (a former GD resident) directed the installation of the signs and the five bollards in the early 1990’s.  Those signs are sturdy: two have survived automobile collisions. Former resident Frank Conley repaired the sign on Terrace
  • Caring for Canine Companions by Chris Barrett - Now that the summer months are here, many of us are spending more time outdoors with our dog family members.  This makes it a good time to revisit some key ways to keep your canine companion safe and to keep our neighborhood a dog-friendly place. First and most important, when you’re outside your house or
  • IMG_9739 Cub Scouts Make Cleaning Up After Dogs Convenient - Andrew and Gavin Kocen of Cub Scout Pack 12 hard at work. Thanks to the Cub Scouts of Pack 12 for installing poop bag dispensers throughout the neighborhood.  The pack installed six of the dispensers in various locations.  Keep an eye out for them and use one of the bags the next time you take your

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Our History

The Garden District Civic Association was established in 1976 by a group of residents who had a great love for the beauty and history of the Garden District and wished to preserve it. The GDCA joins the community together through community activities, enhances the community through community projects and keeps the community informed through a neighborhood newsletter.

Our Unique Attributes

Desirable destinations nearby include BREC Park, Cane’s Dog Park, Louisiana State University, lakes with sidewalk routes, an art museum, a golf course and tennis courts.

Tradition of activism and community engagement

Within walking distance of five top schools in BR

Well-preserved residential architecture

Magnificent collection of Live Oak trees

Shared bicycle lanes connecting the Garden District to Louisiana State University

Community library boxes providing free books for trade

Our Location

Located just blocks from City Park, Downtown Baton Rouge and Louisiana State University

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