Brief 2020 GDCA Board Update

Thank You Ginger Ford, A Garden District Original
October 24, 2020
October 2020 Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2020

Brief 2020 GDCA Board Update

December 3, 2020

Even through some serious complicated times, the Garden District Civic Association Board has been hard at work!

Security Patrols & Utilities: Board Member Eric Troutman receives a detailed monthly report from the off-duty police who patrol our neighborhood. When there is anything significant to report, it is sent to the neighborhood or put in the meeting minutes. Eric also handles requests and concerns regarding utilities in the neighborhood.

Alleys: Board Member Mike Schexnayder has been coordinating with DPW’s Director of Maintenance and with volunteer Block Captains in our neighborhood. If our residents will keep the alleys free of junk, trash and debris, as well as overgrown vegetation, the City will do the regular maintenance that we can’t do such as trim overhead limbs and maintain the alley grading.

Live Oak Love Tree Collective Campaign: President Claire Pittman, Board Members Ted Magee and Heather Day are leading a committee to trim and mulch some of the trees in the medians. A 501(c)(3) corporation was set up to administer contributions to continue this effort. A committee will be promoting it. The trimming is planned to begin in January. This program will have a long-term effect as many of the trees are in poor shape.

Drainage Problems: Tom Douthat is the head of the Drainage Committee. Vice-President Justin Kozak is on the committee. Tom has been working with the Director of Transportation and Drainage, Fred Raiford, to understand the underlying causes of the flooding problems in the Garden District. Because of Tom and other residents’ perseverance, the city is hiring a firm to study the cause, so they can decide what to do.

Doggie Bag Distribution Sites: Board Member Ari Kocen refills the doggie bag containers when notified that they need it. Neighbors can send a message on the website. Ari also puts signs out for special events.

Website: Continual updates of the Garden District Civic Association website at

Board Meetings: Typically the Board meets monthly. Due to the global quarantine, it missed May through July. Since then, it has met either out-of-doors or via Zoom.

Newsletter: President Claire Pittman and Board Member Joy Couvillion put out a quarterly or more often newsletter via email. The last one was sent Dec. 23, 2020.

Finances: Board Member Ted Magee keeps track of the finances for the organization and gives a report at each board meeting.

Membership: Board Members John Williams and Mike Helms manage our membership database.

Holiday Lighting Contest: Board Members Mary Fontenot and Liz Spaulding are coordinating the activity this year.

Neighbor Welcome: Board Member Anne Trappe delivers a heartfelt welcome, goodie bag and information to new neighbors.

All of your GDCA board members work together to accomplish great things in the Garden District. All of these committees and jobs require the efforts of more than one or two people. In a normal year, we have many more activities. All board members are volunteers. This is YOUR neighborhood civic association, and the Board cares about what you think so please let us know if you have any suggestions or want to help. Email [email protected].