2023 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Holiday Decoration Contest 2023
November 21, 2023
1-9-24 Meeting Minutes
January 9, 2024

2023 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

December 22, 2023

In a festive display of holiday cheer, the neighborhood’s annual Christmas light contest culminated with six distinct winners, each celebrated for their unique approach to holiday decorations. A hay wagon full of judges, brimming with excitement, toured the neighborhood to evaluate the dazzling array of lights. The awards were as varied and creative as the displays themselves: the “Most Elegant” (pronounced with a charming French accent) highlighted refined sophistication, while “Conners’ Choice: Dynamic Duo” awarded to two neighboring homes that displayed exceptional collaboration in their festive decorations. The “Starry Night Award” went to a display reminiscent of a celestial wonder, and the “Most Minimalist” was given to a tastefully understated arrangement. The “Big Festive Balls” award recognized bold and eye-catching ornament-focused decorations, and finally, the “Most Spirited (In every way)” was awarded to a display that exuded a true sense of Christmas Spirit in every twinkling light and decoration. Each winner, in their own way, captured the essence of the holiday
spirit, making the neighborhood a little brighter and more joyful.


Most Elegant (but with a French accent)


Conners’ Choice: Dynamic Duo


Starry Night Award


Most Eclectic

Big Festive Balls


Most Spirited (In Every Way)