Aren Langland

Gary Thibodeaux
March 31, 2017
Meeting Minutes – January 17, 2017
June 21, 2017

Aren Langland

May 2, 2017

I DO NOT recommend Aren Langland and his crew at all. Overall bad workmanship and took 4 months to repair a leaking roof and balcony only to have us call him for fixing their repair work multiple times since the roof still leaked. During last Sunday’s storm, we had pots and pan for water pouring from where they did “repairs.” Now we have extensive wall, ceiling and floor damage in addition to mold in areas they said they had fixed.

Also, shoddy paintwork and woodwork- painted over old paint and now the new paint is peeling. Anytime we ask to fix the issues, the answer is always that ‘the right way to do it’ is not in his budget.

They worked till they were paid and then hardly ever showed up to finish the job. Aren had zero oversight over his workers. We’ve had doors left open, missing keys , and thefts. We had to re-key the whole house again after they left.

Please contact me if you are planning to hire him and I will show you photos and videos of his work.