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Baton Rouge Foundation Repair

After carefully watching Baton Rouge Foundation Repair repair and upgrade the foundation of a neighbor’s home, we spoke with the contractor/owner of that house. He was pleased with the work and recommended Baton Rouge Foundation Repair. So we decided to have them inspect our houme. We were impressed with the company owner, Michael Lamonica, as he was straight forward and didn’t try to b.s. us about the possiblities of our foundation issue. So, we decided to utilize his company. The problem on our house stemmed from when a garage was converted to living space back in the 30’s/40’s. As there was a large, masonry porch blocking the area of concern, there was no way for anyone to know what would be found behind the porch or to properly assess the problem. The company owner, Michael Lamonica, explained the various possibilities and gave us a bid, which included removing the porch. Well, the porch was much more substantive than any of us ever imaged… It turned out to be a solid brick and concrete mass that took a great deal more time and effort to break out and remove than anyone had expected, but Lamonica stood by his bid! (I don’t believe that there is any way that he made a profit on this job…) Mr. Lamonica was great to work with, as was his crew. He was always available throughout the work period and had no problem “jumping down into the holes” in order to inspect/oversee/direct his workers efforts. As it turned out, a section of our old garage foundation was not properly connected… Our foundation was repaired and upgraded… and the crew took the extra time to insure that our drainage system was properly repaired (at no extra charge). We are pleased with the work and professionalism, and after the experience, we wholeheartedly recommend Baton Rouge Foundation Repair.\n\nAddress: 13822 Florida Blvd., Bldg. 3\nPhone: (225) 275-0101\nRecommended by: Kyle Moppert

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