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Dewey Boudreaux of Roof Doctors, Inc

Dewey fixed a small part of the roof that was leaking and fixed it right, and for a fraction of the cost that other roofers estimated. He charged $525 to just “fix” the leak (where my flat roof was meeting up with the regular roof) as opposed to others who said the only way to fix it was to reroof the whole thing for $2500!! Alternate phone: 268-3188. Also recommended by Arlyn Edmonson: DEWEY BOUDREAUX is a great roofer…specializes in old houses too. He was AWESOME and one of the only people I could find to work on asbestos shingles. He actually just got up on my roof, fixed the problem right then and said “That should probably hold you for awhile, but if you want me to come back and do it the “right” way and replace those shingles, I can.” I told him to come back and he only charged me $200….others would have charged ~$2000.\n\nPhone: (225) 926-6934\nRecommended by: Carolyn Schwarzhoff – 2340 Tulip St.

jcwproductionsDewey Boudreaux of Roof Doctors, Inc
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