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JD Busby

Greta: I’d recommend JD Busby at 664-9506 Mary: J.D. Busby (664-9506) has been wonderful for us. When the lightning struck and later when the tree fell on the roof he was there immediately. He reroofed the house a year and a half ago. Even if you have a small repair he’ll come right away. If you just want his worker to brush the leaves off the roof he’ll come. He does an excellent job. The previous roofer put two nails for each single. He puts four. Gary Spurlock uses him for the houses he builds. I went to the shingle supply store and looked at their color samples. When I narrowed it down to the couple of colors or however many it was that I thought I wanted they gave me addresses where I could see them on the roof to see if that was what I really wanted. I tried to get it as light as possible for the reflective quality (cooler). That was very helpful. I drove around town, mostly this end of town, and looked at roofs. J.D. can give you the name of the shingle store or if you go with someone else I probably have the receipt on file. I recommended J.D. to a co-worker. She was so happy that she recommended him to all her neighbors. He got so many jobs from her that he sent her a check! Good luck. It is expensive. Supplies went way up after the hurricanes.

Phone: (225) 664-9506
Recommended by: Greta Corona and Mary Fontenot

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