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LC Yard Service aka KC Yard Service

We have had a horrible experience with this yard service! After paying an initial $350 upfront to get our yard in shape, they never quite finished the agreed upon work. We then had to pay them $40 dollars every two weeks to complete the work that was supposed to have been covered by the initial $350 payment. They called us incessantly after 9pm and banged on our door late at night and early in the morning. We simply paid them to get some sleep! The quality of their work was horrible, and their treatment of their customers even worse! I believe the son, Kevin, has taken over this business and unfortunately it is not the same at all. The father, Mr. Leroy, ran a good and fair business.\n\nAddress: Baton Rouge, LA\nPhone: (225) 312-6976\nRecommended by: Nisey and Steven Ward

jcwproductionsLC Yard Service aka KC Yard Service
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