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Nick DiBenedetto of Custom Carpentry

I used Nick DiBenedetto of Custom Carpentry, after a referral from a friend. He did a major renovation for me which included turning 2 rooms and a porch into a big kitchen, adding on a master bath and closet, new windows and doors, crown molding, making cabinets, and a lot of other miscellaneous things which needed to be done. I found that Nick could and would do all that I needed. As good as his work was, equally good was the fact that he was reliable, easy to work with, and had reasonable prices. I have, and will recommend him highly to anyone needing almost any kind of home improvement work done. Feel free to email me at [email protected] if you’d like more information. — Built a 3-level deck in my back yard. Referred to me by a friend. Also works repair jobs for LSU Physical Plant. Can’t say enough good things about Nickie and his work. — Nickie repaired my property after Hurricane Gustav. He replaced the roof where it was damaged, re-set and re-roofed my garage, replaced damaged fencing and re-bricked my patio. He also repaired sheetrock inside the house where a tree went through the ceiling. All repairs were completed to satisfaction, and Nickie was reliable with fair prices. He is very easy to work with!\n\n\nAddress: 2282 DiBenedetto Ln, Port Allen, LA\nPhone: (225) 936-2626\nRecommended by: Various

jcwproductionsNick DiBenedetto of Custom Carpentry
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