Flooding during heavy rain?

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October 6, 2021
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Flooding during heavy rain?

October 20, 2021

As you know flooding and drainage in our area needs improvement. The Stormwater Master Plan* (SMP) project team has collected the data and is creating models to help illustrate drainage in our area. The next step is input from the community. Our feedback will help the City and Stormwater Master Plan project team better recommend projects and revisions to codes & ordinances.

The Garden District is located within the Ward Creek watershed, and our public meeting is Thursday, October 21st, from 6:00 – 7:00 PM! The virtual meeting will stream live to the SMP website at stormwater.brla.gov.  During this meeting, the project team will share what they’ve learned from data collection and modeling in our watershed and address any questions we may have about the Stormwater Master Plan and how it affects the folks in our area.

Register to attend @ stormwater.brla.gov/event/ward-creek-meeting

Registration and attendance to the meeting are all accessed through the same link. You will not have to register again. However, before the meeting, you will have to enter your zip code, last name and email address then you will verify that the system is pulling up the correct account. Once verified, you will have access the button to join the meeting. Download the quick guide to accessing the meeting, asking questions and troubleshooting if you have any issues. The meeting is not through a typical online software like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, etc. It uses a system that allows the project team to  compile and track all of your questions, comments and feedback, which is critical in data collection and modeling process.

* The East Baton Rouge Stormwater Master Plan (SMP) is the guiding document for the implementation of overall flood risk reduction projects and policies for the City-Parish.