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The Bug Man

We inherited a termite contract from the Bug Man when we bought our house, and initially, we were fine with them. But last year I had trouble getting them to actually come out and perform the treatments (especially troubling since it was after I complained about some suspicious bugs their rep identified as some type of harmless fly– a flurry fly?). Our contract since expired and when I spoke with the rep about renewing, I mentioned the problems with service. She said Katrina had forced them to fall behind, but that there shouldn’t be any more problems. I scheduled the service to renew the contract and lo and behold, I never heard from them and haven’t received a follow-up call. At this point, I’m planning on finding a new company though I’m a little suspicous of the Bugman’s response: do they know something they’re not telling me? Maybe my experience is an isolated case, but you might want to hear back from others about their experiences with the Bugman before hiring them. (March 2007) We have had the Sentricon traps for a few years and it seems to work very well, we have a contract with the Bug Man. The LSU Ag Center has a good website for info on termites. (March 2007)\n\n

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