3-12-24 Meeting Minutes

2-25-24 Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2024
February Security Update
March 19, 2024

3-12-24 Meeting Minutes

March 12, 2024

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 6:30 PM, Babeth Schlegel’s House


In attendance: Fred Trapp (for Anne), Justin Kozak, Mike Schexnayder, Jason Hessick, Lee Guilbeau, Susan Menville, Dickie Howze, Kay Willson, Kathryn Mount, Babeth Schlegel, John Williams, Anita Parsons King

The meeting began at 7:00 pm, with the follow-up from the annual meeting. Justin said ‘Wrong Way’ or “Do Not Enter” signs will be added along 22nd Street to deter those who are driving against traffic. There are additional speed limit signs on Park Blvd and there was recently police presence, issuing tickets to speeders. Justin also followed up with the owner of Fire Haus.

Fred Trapp had recent home sales in the area and Justin asked for volunteers to distribute bags. Several houses were discussed last month, and the board agreed to possibly hold welcome bags for addresses where owners are simply flipping the house to sell. Remaining addresses and volunteers are:

2320 Oleader (Kay) 1977 Wisteria (Lee) 1955 Olive (Susan) 2201 Myrtle (Babeth)

Justin will pick up any remaining bags from Babeth tomorrow.

The board discussed upcoming events. The Board will be contact individuals who indicated they could volunteer for events at the annual meeting prior to the events.

The Easter Egg Hunt will take place at the lot behind JCW Creative on March 24. Kathryn confirmed the time last year was 3 pm with volunteers needed at 2 pm to hide eggs. She will provide Justin with a write-up for the newsletter and signs are being made to place out after the parade.

Ted has taken on the planning of the crawfish boil and has secured most of the details for the event on Sunday, April 21 at 2 pm. Crawfish prices remain extremely high and the board discussed ways to reduce costs and asking people to BYOB this year, rather than purchasing cases of beer. Volunteers are needed for set up and clean up. There will be a sign-up sheet at the next meeting for board members who will be asked to “check-in” GDCA members to the event. 

For the newsletter, Justin needs a write up from Kathryn for the Easter egg hunt; something from Ted on the crawfish boil; a security update from Seth to include the previous month too; a note about street lights and alley lights; and ask Heather to provide info on upcoming events in mid-city.

Babeth noted she had a discussion with Jess (landscaper) regarding enlarging the flower bed at the Government Street entrance and rotating seasonal flowers there. Those in attendance agreed to move forward with this and reassess after one year. 

Fred Trapp explained his plan for parade clean up and bead recycling. Carolyn Coleman has agreed to put out 100 cardboard garbage bins along the route. There will be additional barrels labeled ‘beads only’ in the hopes of recycling the beads. Kathryn has contacted JP Gaspard at The ARC and he has indicated they are happy to pick up the beads, just need time and place. The board agreed clean-up will commence at 2 pm on Sunday, March 17. Beads will be removed from barrels and placed in contractor bags. Barrells will be stored by Keep Tiger Town Beautiful until next year.

Lastly, Michael Myers was voted unanimously as Vice President. Kathryn agreed to be interim secretary.

New business: John noted that the off-duty police patrol signs around the neighborhood are faded. He and his team will mock up new signs and will present to the board for possible replacement. The board felt this is a good idea and is one way to demonstrate that we are visibly addressing security concerns.

Meeting adjourned at 8 pm.