2-6-24 Meeting Minutes

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes
January 18, 2024
2-25-24 Meeting Minutes
February 25, 2024

2-6-24 Meeting Minutes

February 6, 2024

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, February 6, 2024, 6:30 PM

Location: Justin Kozak’s, 1837 Olive St.


In attendance: Justin Kozak, Ted Magee, Anita Parsons King, John Williams, Kathryn Mount, Babeth Schlegel, Mike Schexnayder, Michael Myers, Willie and Mary Fontenot



  • Beautification + Operations – Jess Cole/BR Water/Sign decorations
  • Jess told Babeth that she will try different low maintenance plants at Park Bld. And Magnolia to see what works. Babeth will ask Jess to keep the plants low or to the side so the sign can be read.
  • Mike spoke with Baton Rouge Water Company and the City’s Landscaping department about getting water piped to the median at S. Eugene and Terrace and the median at Park Blvd. and Magnolia. Landscaping approved the project at S. Eugene, but it would cost $3,000, so the Board decided that was too much to spend. Mike will try to find out how much the plumbing near City Park on Park Blvd. would cost.
  • There is no person to decorate the subdivision signs for seasons right now, so a request for volunteers will be sent out in the newsletter and asked at the Annual Meeting. There was a discussion about spending more money and having nicer decorations.
  • Storage Unit – Ted will manage a storage space that has been anonymously donated. 
  • Noise complaints: Justin met with Councilwoman Coleman about the high-volume music late at night, coming from the Firehouse, a rooftop bar on Government at 16th St., across from The Electric Depot. There are many complaints about it and the owners are not cooperating by turning it down. Justin is sending a copy of the complaints to Councilwoman Coleman whenever he receives them.
  • Social Media: Another person to handle social media is needed.



  • Membership – More “I am a Member…” signs need to be ordered. Ted will look to see where they were ordered in the past. It was about eight years ago. John has the logo if it is needed.
    • Welcome Packets:  Anita will bring extra cloth bags to Justin. More bags need to be ordered. Kathryn will deliver a packet to 2230 Kleinert. A packet needs to go to 2201 Myrtle. Mary will deliver three in her vicinity.
  • Events
    • Annual Meeting: Lola’s, Sunday, February 25, 2024, 3:00-4:30 pm. Lemonade, tea and snacks will be served
      • Possible Guest Speakers, Seth Gautier, Carolyn Coleman, Garret Graves, Davante Lewis (Public Service Commissioner) (Justin will ask), Fred Raiford (drainage) (Mary will ask). If Mr. Raiford can’t come, we will ask Hance to give a drainage update.
      • If the above can’t attend, we will invite Sharon Weston Broome and Ted James.

Justin will put out the median signs advertising the meeting.

  • Mary and Anita will handle registration at the meeting.
  • Justin will bring member yard signs to the meeting.
  • Agenda: Seth Gautier will give the security update. Justin will talk about the oak trees and give the State of the Neighborhood Report. He will announce the volunteer list and encourage people to sign up, explaining how it will work and ask if anyone would like to help with social media announcements or decorating the subdivision signs. The Easter Egg Hunt will be announced with a call for volunteers. Introduce new board nominees and call for nominees from the membership. Introduce old board members and vote on the Board. Vote on the updated bylaws.


  • New Board members
    • Interested: Susan Menville, Anne Trapp, Dickie Howze, Lee Guilbeau
    • Stepping down: Josh Howard, Prescott Baily, Jacob Luneau
  • Newsletter 
    • Annual meeting announcement – Include call for board members
    • Call for volunteers to help with activities
    • Easter Egg Hunt announcement
    • Security update
    • Upcoming neighborhood area events 



    • Easter Egg Hunt – March 24th (Easter is March 31) Kathryn is working on details
    • Crawfish Boil – Sunday, April 21, 2024 – Jason Pitre will cater. Ted confirmed with him.
  • Mid City Garage Sale – No date is available yet



    • March – Babeth Schlegel’s home: 2013 Olive St. 
  • April – Kathryn Mount’s home: 2408 Terrace Ave.
  • May – Mike Schexnayder’s home: 2270 Wisteria St.


Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.



BABETH: Will talk with Jess about keeping the plants in front of the sign low or just having the on the sides and behind.

TED: Look through files to see where to order “I am a Member” signs. We might need to find a new source because it was so long ago.

ANITA: Deliver packet bags to Justin. Work at registration table at the Annual Meeting.

JOHN: Supply 2 sets of membership lists for Annual Meeting. Set up how people can pay for membership through QR Code. Put out a newsletter.

JUSTIN: Let Kathryn and Mary know when the welcoming packets are available. Ask Davante Lewis if he would like to come to the Annual Meeting. At the Annual Meeting deliver a State of the Neighborhood report, discuss the oak tree project, call for volunteers generally and specifically for social media and sign decorating. Lead board nominees and voting. Lead bylaws voting.

Justin will put out signs in the medians advertising the Annual Meeting.

MIKE: Mike will try to find out how much the plumbing near City Park on Park Blvd. would cost.

MARY: Deliver three welcoming packets. Work at the registration table at the Annual Meeting. Contact Fred Raiford about speaking at the Annual Meeting.

KATHRYN: Deliver a Welcoming Packet. Organize the Easter Egg Hunt. Announce the details at the Annual Meeting.