9-12-23 Meeting Minutes

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August 24, 2023
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September 19, 2023

9-12-23 Meeting Minutes

September 12, 2023

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, August 8, 2023, 6:30 PM, Heather Day’s House


In attendance: Heather Day, Jacob Luneau, Ted Magee, Kathryn Mount, Michael Myers Anita Parsons King, Babeth Schlegel, John Williams

The meeting began at 7:05 pm, with the discussion of events first.

Champagne Stroll

  • Heather has ordered the champagne and will deliver to the homes. She can also order flutes. Ted will check the storage unit for any surplus glasses.
  • Heather agreed to serve as point person with help from Babeth, who will create a checklist for future years. 
  • Homes- Kathryn will contact the Gardners on Terrace, John is following up with Nathan McBride, Michael is asking his brother-in-law who lives on Kleinert, and Heather is asking Bridget Tiek. Everyone will report back by Sunday.
  • John will update the website with the event. The group agreed to cap attendance at 100 and raise the ticket price to $50. 
  • Those present agreed that each homeowner should receive $250 toward food. Heather added that she orders a nice bottle of champagne for each home as a thank you.
  • All board members will be expected to either assist with registration or serve as a “host” at one of the homes during the event. 

Fall Picnic

  • Ted suggested starting the picnic at 4 pm due to the heat and running later, until 8 pm which is ok with the Rodmans. The thinking is the picnic will run from 4-6 pm, then more of a party from 6-8pm.
  • Flo wanted live music and it was decided that we would approach Ben Bell to sing from 5-8 pm. Heather (?) will contact Ben. 
  • Members present agreed to rent tables and chairs. Delivery and set up would be included in the price. Ted (?) was following up. 
  • Kathryn will order and pick up fried chicken and lemonade mix. She will inquire with Mary regarding how much to order. 
  • John will order a keg. 
  • Ted will contact Eric Troutman regarding insurance.
  • Mary had already volunteered to call about the bounce house and publicize. 
  • Ted will get the large drink coolers from the storage unit when he checks champagne flutes. 
  • Board members are expected to arrive at 3:30 to help with the event. 

Other updates

  • No updates on irrigation/BR Water, drainage/flooding, or security and utilities.
  • Financials- Ted stated that the account has a healthy balance. 
  • Live Oak Collective
    • John will update the map of oaks trees online to include the newer ones that have received maintenance.
    • Kathryn requested that we obtain a price from Bayou Tree Service to remove the trash trees along the Terrace Avenue median. 
  • Membership- all present agreed that the Nearest Neighbor Approach is smart. Once Justin’s revisions are complete and printed, Anita will bring supplies to the board meetings monthly.  

New Business:

  • John mentioned that we have several fun events planned for the rest of the year plus the tree planting. While neighbors have these events fresh in their minds, he proposed discussing an increase in dues for 2024 at the next meeting. The increase would help fund a membership drive, including mailings, keep pace with inflation, and potentially provide more dollars for security.  

The meeting adjourned at 8:05.