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New Tree Median Selected for the GDCA Oak Tree Campaign!

by Kimberly Coffey, GDCA Oak Tree Campaign

The GDCA Board has voted to make the tree median on Kleinert Ave between Drehr and St. Rose the next block we’re targeting for tree maintenance! Maintenance includes removing dead limbs, lifting the tree canopy to permit unobstructed vehicular and pedestrian traffic, and selective interior pruning to highlight the architectural majesty of the trees.

To gain a before-and-after perspective on oak tree maintenance, drive north on Dalrymple into the Garden District. The first block of Park Blvd, between Broussard/Magnolia and Terrace, provides a “before” picture – this block has not been serviced. The next block on Park Blvd, between Terrace and Perkins, was serviced in February of this year. Residents on this block report a host of benefits associated with this work.

The Kleinert Ave block between Drehr and St. Rose was nominated by a resident of the block and contains 11 trees. We’ll be looking to raise $11,000 over the upcoming months to perform this work (= $1,000/tree). You can learn more and donate right here on our website at the Live Oak Love Collective.

Jacob LuneauNew Tree Median Selected for the GDCA Oak Tree Campaign!
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