5-9-23 Meeting Minutes

Photos: 2023 Easter Egg Hunt
April 25, 2023
8-8-23 Meeting Minutes
August 8, 2023

5-9-23 Meeting Minutes

May 9, 2023

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, May 9, 2023, 6:30 PM, Heather & Jason Day’s house, 2010 Wisteria


In attendance: Heather Day, Claire Pittman, Ted Magee, Justin Kozak, Babeth Schlegel, Anita Parsons King, Michael Myers, Mary and Willie Fontenot.




  • Events
    • Crawfish Boil – April 30 – There were enough chairs with people bringing their own. There was enough crawfish and jambalaya.  We appreciate Fred Trapp, the jambalaya chef.

Claire will send out an E-Blast for:

  • Hot Art Cool Night – May 12th
  • Mid City Rummage Sale – May 20th
  • Taste of Mid City – Perry Franklin sponsor, May 21th
  • Champagne Stroll Oct. 22 – Board will line up 4 homes and provide champagne, glasses and a budget for each. Offer $200. Cut off total number of attendees. Ted, Heather and Mary will ask possible homeowners. Price per ticket will be $40 for members and $50 for non-members. Glasses need to be ordered.
  • Fall Picnic – Oct 1st
  • Beautification + Operations
    • Signage/Planting – Babeth spoke with Jesse about payment. Jesse asked if she could be paid $100 a month for maintenance of the plantings around the signs. The Board decided to offer her a year’s contract for $1000 to be paid quarterly. They thought the plantings would take a little while to become established. She could become a sponsor with her name on outgoing notices and a feature article about her in the newsletter. Heather motioned that we do this and Claire seconded it. The Board voted unanimously in favor of the motion.
    • Dog Bag Stations (Anita) – These are being supplied to the dispensers.
  • Financials (Ted) – A profit and loss sheet was sent to Board members. The total income over the past year was $36,771.48, which included business sponsorships, the Champagne Stroll profits, membership dues, the oak tree collective checks, raffle tickets and uncategorized income. The expenses total was $35,922.58, which included Security patrols, the annual meeting, bank fees, water fees for landscaping around the signs, the flower beds landscaping, business registration fees, the Champagne Stroll, the Holiday Lighting contest, Communications and website hosting, the Crawfish Boil, sign decorations, dog waste bags, the Easter Egg Hunt, legal fees, the Oak Tree Collective, the Fall Picnic, Post Office Box rental and professional memberships.
  • Communications + Newsletter (Claire) – Claire will try to sent out an email this week letting folks know what events are coming up. Justin will send out a letter in August reminding neighbors of upcoming events, encouraging participation and educating them on the value and enjoyment of the civic association. Claire has been paying for/hosting and using the app, Buffer, to go to social media. Justin took photos at the Crawfish Boil.
  • Membership (Justin/Anita)
    • Welcome Packets – More brochures need to be printed. The President’s letter inside needs to be checked to see if it is up-to-date. More Champagne needs to be ordered. There are enough bags.
  • Live Oak Collective – Claire suggested that the GDCA should focus on getting at least one median a year maintained. Justin suggested that we look at where residents have donated money and aim for those blocks. Not everyone is aware of the project, so we could focus on educating that block and trying to generate enthusiasm. Anita is interested in helping. Every year Pat Shingleton’s St. Patrick’s Day group donates money to non-profits from the money that the parade generates. Since the trees on Terrace are on the route and sometimes become damaged, the Board would like to meet with Pat and ask if they would consider donating to the Live Oak Collective for the trees on Terrace. Heather suggested putting large green ribbons, like horse ribbons, on the trees to promote the trees. The ribbons could say “Wearing of the Green Made Me Pretty”. Justin, Anita and Heather (Claire?) offered to meet with Pat.
  • Re-Zoning – St. Rose: The vacant lot next to the restaurant was turned in to 311 for using it as a parking lot in a residential neighborhood.




  • Neighborhood Challenge: Mid City Redevelopment Alliance will be handling the awarding of $1,000 grant for street art. The Board voted to apply for the money to put a garden at the Terrace/S. Eugene subdivision sign.
  • Expanding the Cultural District in Mid City to include the Garden District: Jason Riggs with Restore Pro NOLA, a private for-profit organization, is promoting expanding the Cultural District. This would give a tax credit of up to 20% to owners of historical property that is income producing. This sounds like short term rentals and other rentals. The Board wonders if this is what we want to encourage and what the residential homeowner would get out of this. Symphony, at Mid City Redevelopment Alliance, said that the current Cultural District is underutilized. Justin will discuss the pros and cons further with her.  




Justin: Update the President’s letter for the Welcoming Packets.

Write a letter to go out in August.

Send Anita information for Pat Shingleton. Meet with Pat Shingleton.

Sign up for Neighborhood Challenge.

Ask Symphony about possible effects of the Cultural District on the Garden District.

Claire: E-Blast this week about upcoming activities

Ask for edit of brochure before printing.

Meet with Pat Shingleton?

Heather: Order Champagne. Order Champagne glasses.

Meet with Pat Shingleton.

Talk with homeowners about including their house in the Champagne Stroll.

Anita:   Meet with Pat Shingleton. 

Ted: Talk with homeowners about including their house in the Champagne Stroll.


2023 Board Members

  • Justin Kozak, President
  • Ashley Gremillion – Vice President
  • Mary Fontenot – Secretary
  • Ted Magee – Treasurer
  • Kathryn Mount
  • Michael Meyers
  • Josh Howard
  • Heather Day
  • Beth Schlegel
  • Anita Parsons King
  • John Williams
  • Jacob Luneau
  • Mike Schexnayder