8-8-23 Meeting Minutes

5-9-23 Meeting Minutes
May 9, 2023
Summer/August Crime Update
August 24, 2023

8-8-23 Meeting Minutes

August 8, 2023

Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Agenda

Tuesday, August 8, 2023, 6:30 PM, Red Cake Events


In attendance: Heather Day, Ted Magee, Justin Kozak, Babeth Schlegel, Anita Parsons King, Michael Myers, Kathryn Mount, Ashley Gremillion, Josh Howard, Mike Schexnayder 


  • Justin provided updates on the zoning issue on St. Rose- the house is being renovated. He is trying to connect with someone at the City-Parish to see what the current plan/situation is and how we can address the chaotic parking situation. 
  • He also provided updates on beautification efforts. Jess has been maintaining the plantings. The board is still exploring adding water meters at Park/Magnolia and Terrace Avenue entrances. The water lines are at both sites, 6 feet underground, though the trees on Park may be an issue for establishing that connection.
  • Mary circulated information on alley maintenance and guidelines via email prior to the meeting. The board agreed that this information should be included with welcome packets that new residents receive.
  • Ted circulated financials via email prior to the meeting. There is a healthy account balance, though only about one-third of residents pay dues.
  • Membership duties really need to be assigned to a single board member. Anita has stepped up to deliver welcome bags and champagne in recent months.
  • Justin noted that Hance and Claire continue to pursue draining and flooding concerns with the city. After the city’s evaluation, there is no clear path forward since there were no detectable issues with underground lines. Justin recently contacted several officials with LSU engineering and landscape architecture programs to see if there are students looking for capstone projects who may be interested in studying the issues more.  


  • Money was received through the Neighborhood Challenge and the board agrees this money should be spent on planting “replacement” trees. A subcommittee is being formed to assist with the endeavor which will take place this fall, possibly November.
  • The Live Oak Collective is currently on hold. Justin will ask John to update the map on the website with what trees have been done. Anita provided correspondence with the Wearin of the Green committee and will continue to pursue. Justin offered to speak at their next meeting. Information was provided on donations received and the location of those residents so board members can approach others on that block.
  • On the topic of Security, Justin said that Seth used to regularly send a summary of incidents for publication in the newsletter and he has not provided that in a little while so he will ask him to resume that practice.
  • The board discussed the fall picnic on October 1 and 2 possible locations. Ted will approach one neighbor, with the back up option being the McGuiness lot on Drehr if needed. Board members will be responsible for rounding up tables and chairs closer to the event.
  • The board also discussed the Champagne Stroll and possible hosts. John is confirmed as one. Heather and Kathryn were going to approach several neighbors and report back. 
  • Ashley and Josh will collaborate to produce a newsletter this month. Board members shared ideas for what they might include. 

New Business:

  • Babeth circulated a notepad for board members to sign up to host future meetings for the 2023-24 year. Board members not in attendance should contact Justin to see what dates volunteers are still needed for.