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Actually Handy Woman

My name is Debby Rock, I live in Goodwood area. I am an electrician by trade but do a number of maintenance jobs, from electrical to hanging pictures. I do prefer small jobs but am willing to take a look at what you might need done. I do quality work at a very reasonable price. Thank you for the consideration.

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Actually Handy Woman

Tim Winter

Call Tim Winter, All Around Handyman. 225-788-2573. Love this guy. Great work, good prices. He’s done work for me and my company. Was referred to me initially as well.\n\nAddress: Baton Rouge\nPhone: (225) 788-2573\nRecommended by: Dustin Puryear

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John WilliamsTim Winter

Ourso Appliance Service, John Delaney

Mr. Delaney’s thorough knowledge of almost every make and model of household appliances is stunning! Not only did he diagnose and fix our Whirlpool washing machine, he repaired the light in our laundry room as a little lagniappe. Highly recommended!\n\nAddress: Baton Rouge, LA\nPhone: (225) 275-9901\nRecommended by: Nisey and Steven Ward

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John WilliamsOurso Appliance Service, John Delaney

Patrick Wooten

Patrick Wooten has worked with us to fix beams under the house, remove trees, paint and repair fencing, bathroom subflooring and tile.\n\nAddress: Stephanie Drive, Baton Rouge LA, 70819\nPhone: (225) 354-5489\nRecommended by: Lori Pierce

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John WilliamsPatrick Wooten

Grant Lemoine

I highly, highly recommend Grant Lemoine with Mr Fix-It-All LLC 572 3115. His work and prices are outstanding.\n\nAddress: Baton Rouge\nPhone: (225) 572-3115\nRecommended by: William G. Osborne III

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John WilliamsGrant Lemoine

Aren Langland (Flooring)

I would recommend Aren Langland for any project that involves wood and a hammer. He rebuilt our termite damaged post and beam glass walled rooms (front and back) and is now in the process of replacing the termite damaged 1937 oak flooring (including subfloor) upstairs. He has also done good work for Ray and Beryl Mack and several others in the Garden District. You can reach him at 625-2970 or 505-1269 (cell) or at [email protected]\n\nAddress: , Baton Rouge LA,\nPhone: (225) 625-2970\nRecommended by: Greg Edwards

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John WilliamsAren Langland (Flooring)