Garden District Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, January 9, 2024, 6:30 PM, Location: Michael Meyers, 2335 Olive St.

Present: Michael Myers, Ted Magee, Kathryn Mount, Mike Schexnayder, John Williams, Mary and Willie Fontenot. 


  • Beautification + Operations – $1,200 has been spent on landscaping in the past twelve months. Babeth will talk with Jess Cole to see if she is still interested in doing it. Re: Water line at Terrace and S. Eugene: Mike will contact Carolyn Coleman to see if she can get a response from DPW’s arborist. Mary will try to contact James Avault, a DPW arborist, to see if he can help.
  • Financials: (Ted) The Champagne Stroll always pays for itself and costs the Association nothing. Security is the biggest expense ($9,540 in 2023). Security patrol was increased in November and December. The Crawfish Boil is the second biggest expense ($6,000). It drives up membership and enhances security as neighbors meet each other and have an opportunity to talk. We are in good financial shape.
  • Note from our Security Liaison: The majority of the vehicle thefts were accomplished by the use of vehicle keys retrieved from the burglarized vehicles.
  • Noise complaints: Justin will speak to Councilperson Coleman about several noise complaints regarding excessively loud music late into the night from Firehaus, the newer, rooftop bar on Government St. 
  • Signs: Hance has acquired real estate sign frames to use. John’s team is designing signs to be used throughout the year, designed as needed.
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jcwproductionsGarden District Civic Association Board Meeting Minutes

Winter Security Update

These are the major criminal events from the month of December in the GDCA:
  • 12/3 1900 Tulip St – Vehicle Burglary and Vehicle Theft
  • 12/4 2300 Tulip St – Vehicle Theft
  • 12/4 2100 Cherokee – Vehicle Burglary
  • 12/16 2100 Cherokee – Vehicle Burglary and Vehicle Theft
  • 12/29 2000 Wisteria – Vehicle Theft
Note from our Security Liaison: A trend has been that when houses have been burglarized, the car keys are stolen and the burglar later returns and steals the vehicle.
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jcwproductionsWinter Security Update

2023 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

In a festive display of holiday cheer, the neighborhood’s annual Christmas light contest culminated with six distinct winners, each celebrated for their unique approach to holiday decorations. A hay wagon full of judges, brimming with excitement, toured the neighborhood to evaluate the dazzling array of lights. The awards were as varied and creative as the displays themselves: the “Most Elegant” (pronounced with a charming French accent) highlighted refined sophistication, while “Conners’ Choice: Dynamic Duo” awarded to two neighboring homes that displayed exceptional collaboration in their festive decorations. The “Starry Night Award” went to a display reminiscent of a celestial wonder, and the “Most Minimalist” was given to a tastefully understated arrangement. The “Big Festive Balls” award recognized bold and eye-catching ornament-focused decorations, and finally, the “Most Spirited (In every way)” was awarded to a display that exuded a true sense of Christmas Spirit in every twinkling light and decoration. Each winner, in their own way, captured the essence of the holiday
spirit, making the neighborhood a little brighter and more joyful.


Most Elegant (but with a French accent)


Conners’ Choice: Dynamic Duo


Starry Night Award


Most Eclectic

Big Festive Balls


Most Spirited (In Every Way)

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jcwproductions2023 Holiday Decoration Contest Winners

Holiday Decoration Contest 2023

Update: 2023 Winners Announced Here

As soon as your Thanksgiving feast is a memory, it will be time to start thinking about your holiday decorations and the Garden District Holiday Lighting Contest. Be ready on the evening of Thursday, December 14th, when a hay wagon full of judges will be traversing our streets looking for festive and exciting lights.

We are expecting a little extra room on the wagon, so if any residents not on the Garden District Civic Association board would like to join us, there will be an Instagram message asking who would also like to be a judge. The first three residents to respond will be awarded judgeship. The hay wagon will take off between 8-9 pm. The new judges will be called when it is ready to pick them up. It’ll be great fun.

Let’s light up the neighborhood this December!

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jcwproductionsHoliday Decoration Contest 2023

Native Tree Planting 2023

Every year, the Mid City Redevelopment Alliance’s Mid City Neighborhood Challenge offers $1,000 to neighborhood groups for resident-led projects focused on improving their neighborhood. The Garden District Civic Association (GDCA) was awarded $1,000 this year to undertake a native tree planting effort in front yards and medians throughout the neighborhood. We matched the grant 1:1.

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jcwproductionsNative Tree Planting 2023

Champagne Stroll 2023

The champagne stroll was once again a bubble blast of fun in the Garden District! New friends and neighbors were introduced and good neighborly community was created! The bubbles were flowing thanks to our friends at Blend Wine Bar! Our gracious hosts had miles of yummy nosh for us to sample at each home and it was delish!

Each stop had something new and different to gaze upon and I know we all got so many new and exciting ideas to bring back to our own homes! And that sunset party at the end was the cherry on top of our cocktails!

Thank you again to all of our amazing hosts – we are so grateful to each of you for opening up your beautiful dwellings!

Interested in your home being on the tour next year? It will be on October 20th, 2024 and you have an entire year to get party ready!

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jcwproductionsChampagne Stroll 2023

Need a Free Tree??


The Garden District Civic Association received a grant from the MidCity Redevelopment Authority for a neighborhood project. Since we’ve lost some trees in recent years to wind, ice, and Father Time, we decided it was time for a tree planting throughout the neighborhood. We partnered with Baton Rouge Green and got some free consultation from resident landscape architects to choose a variety of native species. There are small, medium, and large tree options.

So, if you want a free tree, fill out this form

If you don’t want a tree but are interested in volunteering for the tree planting, you should fill out the form as well.

The form closes on October 6th.

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jcwproductionsNeed a Free Tree??

Spotlight: Our Garden District Neighbors

The Advocate recently published an article on our famous gardener and environmentalist, Ginger Ford. She is doing her part to create habitat for pollinators and has planted 29 gardens, most of which dot the corners on Camellia Avenue. Read more about her here

If you would like to spotlight someone in the neighborhood, please let us know. We’d love to share your story with our neighbors.


We’ve had a few new additions to the neighborhood. A few GDCA board members have recently had new babies. Meet EvaKate Fields and Sadie Gremillion! 

EvaKate is 10 months old and is in the 99th percentile for height, 93rd percentile for weight, and 98th percentile for head circumference! That’s one big baby! She loves singing “Old McDonald” and playing peek-aboo, and can say mama, dada, and baba (bottle). Her parents Isabella and Clayton are “having so much fun watching her grow.” Clayton has served on the GDCA board since April of 2022.  

Sadie, 6 months old, is 16 pounds and is 26 inches tall. She recently learned to sit up on her own, and is actively trying to eat everything. She loves going to the aquarium and has already made a best friend at daycare. Her parents are Steven and Ashley Gremillion, who long for a full night’s sleep. Ashley has served on the GDCA board since April of 2022 and is currently serving in the role of vice president. 

If you would like to spotlight your child or someone in your family, please let us know. We’d love to share your story with our neighbors.

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Jacob LuneauSpotlight: Our Garden District Neighbors