REDSTICK311 is a way for Baton Rouge citizens – the customers of our City-Parish government – to request services and report issues while “on the go,” and to offer enhanced options that can provide us with as much information about your needs as possible.

  • Spot a pothole while on your way to work? Snap a quick photo with your smartphone and submit it with your request for service, which allows our crews to know exactly what they are facing when they arrive on the scene.
  • Notice junk or debris that should have been picked up, or a blighted area that needs to be addressed? Report the issue via REDSTICK311 and use the app’s GPS feature to locate of the area in question.
  • Want to be able to receive real-time updates on your phone about how we are responding to your request? Through the app, we’ll keep you in the loop on the status of your service ticket and what’s being done to resolve the issue.

It’s all a part of how our City-Parish government is working to use technology and digital tools to better engage with and more efficiently serve the citizens of Baton Rouge.

Go to to download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. You can also make a request online.

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Jacob LuneauREDSTICK311

Latest Updates on Alley Maintenance and Trash Pickup

If you’ve taken a stroll down the alleyways in the Garden District lately, you may have noticed some vigorous plant growth. Perhaps you thought that the City was doing a poor job of maintaining it, but keeping the vegetation in the alley trimmed is actually the responsibility of the property owners that live adjacent to the alley.

Junk, trash, and debris should be placed in front of your house within the right-of-way between the sidewalk and the street, not in the alley. Be sure to ask your neighbors not to parallel park in front of the debris pile, or the truck will not be able to make a pick up.

Recycling carts and garbage carts may be placed in the alley, if that is your usual pick up area, but most cart pickups are made on the streets because the large trucks are unable to drive down most of the alleys. Also remember to leave three feet of space between your carts so the automatic lift has room to pick them up. 

If you’re cleaning up your leaf litter, bag your leaves and stack your branches (these don’t need to be bagged) three feet from your carts. Try to have branches no longer than 6 ft. 

If you’re new to the neighborhood, garbage is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. Recycling is picked up only on Tuesday. If a pickup is missed, call 311 or use the Red Stick Ready app to make a report. Find our more on our GDCA “Alley and Trash Guidelines” page.

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Claire PittmanLatest Updates on Alley Maintenance and Trash Pickup

CONCERNED ABOUT FLOODING? Stormwater Masterplan Revealed!

The city-parish and project team is near the completion of the East Baton Rouge Stormwater Master Plan, and their final meeting is open to the public.

This is an in-person open house-style meeting which will include a formal presentation at 6:00pm. Members from the project team and the city-parish will be in attendance to provide updates and answer questions on the models developed, potential solutions for overall flood mitigation, and policy changes being considered. This meeting will provide information on the overall Stormwater Master Plan and the 20-Year Capital Improvement Plan.

The meeting is Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 5:30-7:30pm at the Main Library on Goodwood Blvd.


If you have any questions prior to the meeting, email [email protected]. 

Learn more about the Stormwater Master Plan.

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Claire PittmanCONCERNED ABOUT FLOODING? Stormwater Masterplan Revealed!

Letter from the President, Justin Kozak

Hello friends and neighbors!

Summer 2022 is ending pretty typically – folks are fed up with the afternoon rain and persistent heat, and our thoughts are turning to the common end-of-summer question “Is LSU gonna be any good this year?” But Summer 2022 didn’t start typically. It started in a very scary and atypical way for the Garden District with a series of brazen assaults, thefts, and robberies. 

Quite understandably, the neighborhood was on edge but came together to support each other. Our neighbors provided critical evidence to the EBR Police that led to the arrest of four individuals responsible for the crimes, and a fifth person associated with the events was arrested later in the summer. I’d like to commend the police department for making this a top priority and achieving a quick result, and I give thanks to my GDCA neighbors who came together in a scary time.

Since the arrests, crime in the Garden District has returned to normal levels, which was described as “almost nonexistent…I don’t really have anything to report” by our off duty EBR Police security patrol liaison Cpl Seth Gautier. Crimes of opportunity still abound, so make plans for delivered packages, don’t leave valuables or firearms in your car, and please please please lock your car doors!

The rest of 2022 has seen the neighborhood, and the GDCA getting back to some familiar activities. We had the Annual Meeting in March; the Easter Egg Hunt for the kids in April; and a neighborhood favorite, the Crawfish Boil Block Party, in May. This year, the crawfish boil was held on Oleander between Drehr and 22nd Street to take advantage of the shade from some of our lovely live oaks.

Speaking of live oaks…the Garden District’s Live Oak Love Collective is still in full swing. A big shout out to the folks on the 1100 block of Park Blvd., who raised the funds to complete some long overdue maintenance for all the trees in their median. If you want to donate to the collective or would like more information on the effort so that you can put a little healthy peer pressure on your neighbors to get your median done, please visit

Finally, a quick reminder of our upcoming fall events:

  • The Fall Picnic is Sunday, September 25th, from 4-6pm under the oaks on the corner of Drehr and Cherokee. GDCA will provide fried chicken and a bounce house for the kids and kid-like adults. Come on out and share some food and a few laughs with your neighbors. 
  • The Garden District Champagne Stroll is back! On Sunday, October 30th, four gracious hosts will open their homes to their neighbors as we sip champagne and enjoy some food at what many think is the best GDCA event of the year. Space is limited, so make sure you pay attention to the GDCA emails and get your tickets early.

Have a lovely fall and I look forward to seeing you around the neighborhood. 


Justin Kozak

President, Garden District Civic Association
[email protected] • • @gdcabr on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter 

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Claire PittmanLetter from the President, Justin Kozak


Like previous years, the GDCA will continue increased security patrols throughout the summer months. Additional security patrols are funded by annual dues, and with less than 25% of the homes in the Garden District participating members, we can only fund a limited amount of patrol hours. If you are interested in becoming a member, renewing your membership or including additional security funds, please visit

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Arrests Made on Recent Crime Spree

On Thursday, May 26, 2022, Baton Rouge Police Department arrested four individuals responsible for the recent crime spree in and around our neighborhood. This was a Tier 1 Top Priority for BRPD. The suspects have been connected to at least seven separate events that occurred in the past approximate10 days, including the events on St. Rose Street, on S 22nd Street and Cherokee Street (previously reported as S 18th Street and Cherokee Street), and on Park Boulevard and Terrace Avenue. Other events occurred as far east as the Mid City Beer Garden and as far west as Brice Street across from Alford Safe and Lock.

BRPD encourages anyone who may have witnessed or has evidence of these events or any other related crimes to contact Detective Justin Becnel (cell 225-413-8998, office 225-389-3848). Any information can be helpful to ensure the suspects are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. MOST IMPORTANTLY! If you are a victim or witness to a crime, please contact or stay in contact with BRPD. 

Additional advice/notes from BRPD

  • Stay vigilant! Most armed robbery suspects target distracted victims.
  • High-quality residential surveillance video was vital in solving this case.
  • Vehicle burglars often transition to armed robbers when confronted.
  • Cooperate as much as possible with armed suspects. Nothing you own is worth your life or serious injury.

BRPD also reviewed the past six months of activity in the Garden District and with the exception of the activities of the four arrested suspects, we remain a very safe neighborhood. They attribute this in part to it being a neighborhood where folks know their neighbors, and there are almost always eyes on the street (likely due to the large number of lovely porches throughout the neighborhood).

So this Memorial Day weekend, crack a cold one on your porch (or if you’re like me, your front stoop), say hi to your neighbors (or invite them over if you are so inclined), and enjoy the beautiful weather.


Justin Kozak
President, Garden District Civic Association
[email protected]
 | Facebook | Twitter

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Claire PittmanArrests Made on Recent Crime Spree

Annual Meeting, March 27

The Garden District Civic Association Annual Meeting will be held Sunday, March 27 at 3:00 PM at Leola’s Cafe at the corner of Government St. and Park Blvd. We invite you to come out and participate in what we hope will be a very productive meeting sharing ideas on how to keep the Garden District “A Great American Neighborhood”. Speakers will include Cpl. Seth Gauthier, city officials and more! All attendees will be entered into a chance to win a gift card to Leola’s Café sponsored by Anne Trapp, Realtor with CENTURY 21 IR.

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Claire PittmanAnnual Meeting, March 27

Disney+ National Treasure is Filming on Kleinert!

Disney+ National Treasure tv series will be filming in our area starting on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH. Produced Bayou, Inc. will be filming at a residence on Kleinert Avenue. In gratitude and appreciation for the Garden District, the production team is donating $500, which will be allocated to the Live Oak Love Collection campaign.

There will be production vehicles parked close to the set, and the production team has coordinated with the Baton Rouge Film Commission and Baton Rouge law enforcement to obtain all the necessary permits. There may also see an increase in pedestrian and vehicle traffic during their preparation and filming times. In order to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved, the film set is closed to the public. ALL HOMES AND BUSINESSES WILL REMAIN ACCESSIBLE.

Filming is currently scheduled for: 7:00AM-9:00PM on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 14TH. On the day of filming, the crew parking and base camp will be situated in private lots to minimize our impact in the area. All driveways and handicap zones will be respected.

If you have any specific concerns, please contact their Locations Department @ 225.330.6065.

“We strive to make this as pleasant an experience as possible as the key to continuing Louisiana’s role as a premier filming destination. The film industry creates a wealth of local jobs and opportunities in communities across Louisiana. We are excited to play a part in this growth and productivity. We thank you so much for your hospitality and patience. Do not hesitate to contact us at any time with any questions.”


Ryan West, Assistant Location Manager, 225.955.0930, [email protected]

Aquiles Montalvo, Location Manager, 504.201.3583, [email protected]

Katie Pryor, Film Baton Rouge, Executive Director, 225.382.3562, [email protected]

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Claire PittmanDisney+ National Treasure is Filming on Kleinert!

Live Oak Love Collective UPDATE: Makes Progress on Park Blvd!

by Kimberly Coffey, GDCA Board Member & Block Co-captain

Neighbors have united and donated funds to remove dead limbs, low-hanging branches, and vines from some of the Garden District’s majestic and historic oak trees. Last week, Bayou Tree Service performed this much-needed and beneficial work on the Park Boulevard trees between Perkins Road and Terrace Avenue. This initiative and the work being done was featured this week on WBRZ again!  CHECK OUT THE STORY

Some of the advantages neighbors have already noticed include:

1.     More beautiful landscaping to enjoy on a daily basis. Long-time resident Pat James notes that “the block just looks fabulous!” She adds that this is the first time in her 45 years on the block that the trees have undergone a comprehensive maintenance effort.

2.     Personal satisfaction associated with environmental and neighborhood conservation. Resident Corrie Ford articulates “I’m grateful we are able to live among these beautiful trees that were planted before most of us were born – and also thankful that the Garden District gave us all an opportunity to be good stewards of these gentle giants. And not MOST important, but important, now maybe they will think twice before dropping their limbs on our cars.” Block co-captain and incoming GDCA Board member Clayton Fields echoes this sentiment: “It’s a wonderful feeling to be a part of such a positive change for our neighborhood. Our efforts will ensure that our live oaks remain healthy for generations to come.”

3.     Peace-of-mind associated with the removal of dead limbs, which can pose a substantial safety and property hazard.

4.     Elevated clearance room means vehicular traffic will not bump or brush under low-hanging trees limbs, potentially damaging the trees and scratching vehicles.

5.     More sunlight reaches home windows when the tree canopy is lifted.

6.     Possible crime deterrence. The removal of dead and low-lying limbs unexpectedly increased sight lines on the street. Porch lights and street lights illuminate more of the street.

In addition to these immediate benefits, the pruning work also has longer-term advantages for the trees and the neighborhood:

7.     Tree limbs generally take time to die back to the tree trunk, during which time the tree is expending nutrients on a dying limb, instead of bolstering its remaining, viable limbs. Removing dead and dying limbs allows the tree to divert nutrients to remaining limbs and prevents a dying limb from potentially infecting the rest of the tree, all of which creates healthier trees.

8.     This, in turn, preserves the trees for posterity, as Corrie Ford and Clayton Fields both mentioned above.

9.     All of these benefits also protect and enhance the neighborhood experience and property values.

If You’re Inspired and Have a Specific Tree Median You’d Like Serviced…

Reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know which median you’d like to see serviced! We’ll obtain a price quote from Bayou Tree Service so we have a fundraising target. Bayou Tree Service has kindly offered us the exceptional price of ~$1,000/tree; residents need to raise 80-90% of the cost of the median. Donations are tax-deductible.

We’ll need to work with one or two captains on the block to spearhead fundraising efforts. Although it may be tempting to divide the price quote by the number of households on the block, our experience is that most people don’t donate. We make no judgment about this – some households may not be in a position to donate while others may have other priorities. It does make the small handful who donate to this effort uniquely wonderful – we’re so grateful for you!! May good karma bring joy and ease to your every day.

Once we have established a block fundraising captain or co-captains, the captain(s) will reach out to neighbors and ask them if they’re willing and able to contribute to the cause, and if so, how much they can donate. We’ve found that obtaining pledges from potential donors allows neighbors to confirm that they’ll have enough funds to service the median before they actually donate and commit funds.

Once the block fundraising captain(s) has/have a total amount pledged, they can provide this value to the GDCA Board. The GDCA is covering the remaining 10-20% of the cost of a tree median, so it needs to vote to approve the remaining funding. Once this approval happens, donors can donate with the confidence that the work will happen.

Fundraising progresses most smoothly when we can find a couple of people who are each able to fund a couple of trees. Should a potential donor delightfully want to fund an entire median, we can bypass the coordination steps above. In this case, just let us know and we’ll work with you and Bayou Tree Service to have the work performed as quickly as Bayou Tree Service’s schedule permits.

If You’re Inspired and DON’T Have a Specific Tree Median You’d Like Serviced…

You can help the cause by donating online at

Under the drop-down menu labeled “Select the street with the median to which you want to donate”, select “Any median in need.” Donations are tax-deductible.

What To Expect When A Tree Median Is Being Serviced

The tree median work lasted ~4.5 days on Park Blvd and residents found it minimally disruptive. Traffic was only blocked in one direction at a time. Blockades were established to prevent incoming traffic but not outgoing traffic. The work crews arrived after the morning commute (e.g., 8:30-9 AM) and left before before school bus routes or evening commute traffic would be affected (e.g., ~2:30 PM). There was some noise, but it was intermittent and the volume depended upon the work crew’s location relative to one’s home. Residents found it fun to see the progress.


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Claire PittmanLive Oak Love Collective UPDATE: Makes Progress on Park Blvd!

WINNERS of Holiday Lighting Contest

Wreaths, Lights, Candy Canes, Oh My!

Your Garden District board drove up and down every street and toiled over which houses were the best. It was a hard decision, but here are the WINNERS! Congratulations!!!

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Claire PittmanWINNERS of Holiday Lighting Contest